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Air traffic control audio reveals chilling final moments inside private jet before it crashed onto freeway

Air traffic control audio reveals chilling final moments inside private jet before it crashed onto freeway

The plane crashed in Florida on February 9.

Audio has been released from a tragic accident involving a private jet earlier this year, giving a chilling glimpse into the plane's cockpit before the disaster.

A Bombardier Challenger 600 plane crashed into a highway in South Florida on 9 February, killing two people and seriously injuring three more.

The private jet was struggling to make it to a runway after seemingly losing power in both of its engines, and may have tried to make an emergency landing on the highway with no other options.

The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) later confirmed the plane had five people on board when it plunged onto the Interstate 75 outside Naples, Florida.

No cause of the accident was disclosed, potentially because it was a private flight, but audio from the cockpit has been released, and it's pretty upsetting.

You can hear a conversation between the plane's pilot and the air traffic team at his destination, and he quickly discloses that he's lost power: "Okay, Challenger, Hop-A-Jet 823, lost both engines, emergency. I'm making an emergency landing."

Air traffic control tell him that he's clear to land on runway 23, but the response is emphatic: "We're clear to land but we're not gonna make the runway. We've lost both engines."

From there the audio descends into more chaotic noise, and there's no more conversation before the plane crashes.

Other videos shared on social media showed people moving away from the plane as it was engulfed by flames, and this would appear to be at least some of the passengers.

Both pilots lost their lives, and one person on the highway was also injured by the plane's landing.

The plane was from the fleet of Hop-a-Jet, a Florida based company that hires out private planes, which issued a statement after the crash.

Jose Lodos Benavente / Getty
Jose Lodos Benavente / Getty

According to the Naples Daily News, Hop-a-Jet said that it had "received confirmed reports of an accident involving one of our leased aircraft near Naples" and that it would send a team to the crash site.

"Our immediate concern is for the wellbeing of our passengers, crew members, and their families."

Weeks later, a preliminary report into the incident was released, but other than confirming that the private jet had lost power in both engines, it didn't have any major revelations to offer up about what might have caused that issue.

The audio of the cockpit confirms that its pilots reacted quickly, though, and stands as a reminder that almost everything that goes on in a plane is recorded by its black box, in case of incidents like this.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Chris O'Conner