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Flight attendant reveals the real reason cabin crew say hello to passengers during boarding

Flight attendant reveals the real reason cabin crew say hello to passengers during boarding

It's not just a simple act of politeness that you might assume.

Few things are actually as simple as they look nowadays, and that's definitely true when it comes to flying.

Millions of us are used to the same old rigamarole of security checks, tiny liquid containers and expensive airport food, and it can sometimes feel like travelling by plane is a bit like becoming a piece of luggage yourself.

Still, there are occasional glimpses of the more luxurious and customer-friendly way of flying that people enjoyed in the mid-20th century, with one of the most enduring being a polite greeting from a flight attendant as you finally step onto your plane.

The overwhelming majority of people would probably feel safe in assuming that this is just a little bit of customer service that costs the airline very little and helps make people feel just a little bit more welcome.

However, one serving flight attendant has revealed on TikTok that things are not quite what they seem, and that there's more behind this greeting than you'd think.

The flight attendant in question, Rania (@itsmekikooooo), uploaded a short TikTok video of herself at work, revealing that the greeting does indeed have another purpose - to check if passengers boarding the plane might be too drunk or unwell to safely fly.

That's right, you're actually passing through a final filter to see if you're likely to cause disruption on the plane, which could result in delays or even U-turns in some cases.

After all, it's been proven time and time again that the lack of available refunds or rescheduling options means that people tend to want to get on their flights even if they're not feeling their best.

That's just the unwell people, too - those who've had a few too many to drink in the lounge before departure run the risk of getting belligerent on the flight itself.

Bernd Vogel / Getty
Bernd Vogel / Getty

So, it's up to the flight attendants to do a quick check on everyone boarding to make sure no one gets aboard in an unfit state, something that's causing some amusement in the comments under the TikTok.

Hilariously, one person confessed: "Once I had to take a breathalyzer because I said to the really pretty flight attendant 'good night' when she said hello. I was sober."

Another said: "I knew you were judging me!"

So, next time you're boarding a plane, you might want to bear this in mind - especially if you've been on the airport beers and don't want to be barred from entering. After all, booking a new flight is no one's idea of a fun start to a holiday.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @itsmekikooooo / Jupiterimages / Getty