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iPhone users warned to ‘watch out’ following new feature that adds your driver's license to your phone

iPhone users warned to ‘watch out’ following new feature that adds your driver's license to your phone

This feature could mean you never have to carry your wallet with you again.

A world where our IDs are tracked at every turn might be getting closer and closer.

You may not have known that you can add your state-issued driver's license or identification card to your phone's digital wallet - a feature that's stirring up conversation on Reddit.

One user posted on the subreddit r/iphone to ask their fellow Redditors if anyone used the feature, and received a barrage of responses.

One Redditor is asking about the Apple feature that lets you store your driver's license on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

The original poster asked: “Everybody in the states that you can have a drivers license on your iPhone…do you ever use it?

“If you do use it, how does it go when you show your license on your phone? Or what have you used it for?

“I feel like I haven't heard of anyone actually using the feature.”

Some Reddit users replied with their experiences showing their digital ID.

One said: “I’ve used the Colorado app a few times when I’ve gotten to the grocery store or liquor store and realized I forgot my wallet when I went to checkout. It’s nice to have a backup.”

Another commented: “California is piloting something similar right now. I rarely have to show my ID anywhere anyway, but it’s nice to know I have a backup if I forget my wallet. When it’s a little more established I’ll consider going walletless for some occasions.”

You can now store your driver's license on your iPhone.
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According to Apple: 'IDs in Apple Wallet take advantage of the privacy and security features already built into iPhone and Apple Watch to help protect against tampering and theft.

'Your driver's license or state ID data is encrypted. Neither the state issuing authority nor Apple can see when and where you use your license or ID, and biometric authentication using Face ID and Touch ID helps make sure that only you can view and use your license or ID.'

In December 2020, Congress passed a law allowing digital IDs to qualify as compliant and gave the Department of Homeland Security the power to decide what that looks like.

Meanwhile, TSA is working on allowing digital IDs at airport security checkpoints.

Airport security could look a lot different in the future.
UCG / Contributor / Getty

Whether your digital ID will be accepted varies state-to-state however, with the option not yet available in many places.

One Redditor said: “I wish NY had this. I’d never need my physical wallet again.”

But not everyone is so keen on the move. Some Redditors expressed concern, with one warning: “Digital ID… I would suggest you watch out before it’s too late.”

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) released a report in 2021 arguing that digital IDs were a threat to privacy.

The union said digital IDs “could create a world where we get asked for digital ID at every turn, and by every website, and where our ID use is tracked”.

It argued: “They may also lead to the routine use of automated or 'robot' ID checks carried out not by humans but by machines.”

A robot checking your ID at the airport might be a reality sooner than you think.

Featured Image Credit: SOPA Images / Contributor /Getty / amm2192/Reddit