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People have concerns after Tesla reveals monthly cost to lease Model 3 car

People have concerns after Tesla reveals monthly cost to lease Model 3 car

If you want to lease the new Model 3 in North America, you better have a whole chunk of change ready.

It's no surprise that people pay premium for Tesla cars.

After all, Elon Musk's buzzy electric vehicles are some of the most high tech on the roads.

Now, Tesla has released the cost for the upgraded Model 3, and it's got people scratching their heads.


"Starting at $38,990. Lease from $329/month," Tesla posted on X, formerly known as Twitter - and its website says these numbers exclude taxes and fees, with the price subject to change.

It was reposted on the subreddit r/teslamotors, and has been stirring up quite the conversation.

A lot of Redditors have been doing the maths, and leasing for $329 doesn't necessarily seem worth it for everyone.

One person commented: "Total cost of the 2 year lease is roughly 15500. At that point just buy the car."

And with the taxes and added fees, another suggested: "Lease for $474/month. That’s what it really is people."

A lot are saying the same thing: that there's no buy-back opportunity at the end of leasing a Tesla - causing one person to comment: "Why on Earth would someone get a lease with Tesla?" while another added: "Sometimes it makes sense for businesses and tax purposes."

So what would you get if you did decide to buy or lease the upgraded Model 3? It's only launching in North America, and promises 'updated exterior styling optimized for max aerodynamics'.

The suspension has also been finetuned, and that along with a stiffer body gives a 'more refined and relaxed ride quality', Tesla says.


The interior has been redesigned - particularly the various screens and sound system - and it's being offered in two new colors, ultra red and stealth grey.

Teslas might be premium vehicles, but if you go all in - investing in a car as well as a Powerwall, the battery you can loop into your home power supply - you could, down the road, actually save yourself some cash.

At least, that's what happened to one X user, who posted their first Tesla electric bill in 12 months on the social media site - clocking in at an astonishing $2.37.

It looks like they might have saved themselves a whole lot of money by pairing their Powerwall with solar panels - meaning the panels could power their home and also charge up their car.

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