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Police release frightening footage of a drink-driver crashing into another car

Police release frightening footage of a drink-driver crashing into another car

The drink-driver caused a crash in Cambridgeshire last September.

Police have released shocking video evidence of a drunk driver rear-ending another car on the highway in the UK.

The footage shows the two cars colliding before the driver in front is flipped and sent skidding violently forward upside-down, after seemingly colliding with the central reservation as a result of the impact.

This brings with it a shocking shower of sparks that almost looks like a jet of flame before the car's momentum eventually stops it in the left-hand lane of the motorway.

There's footage from multiple angles from the police, including CCTV that shows the incident from a zoomed-out perspective, giving a really clear sense of how fast the rear car is traveling when it crashes into the other driver.

Even more shocking footage comes from the dashcam of a large truck driving on the same road, in the left-hand lane, and lets you clearly see the result of the impact.

Unsurprisingly, the truck's driver can also be heard expressing his shock, exclaiming: "Jesus Christ! Oh my God!"

The drink-driver in question has now been sentenced, so can be identified as Nilen Chauhan, 27. He was driving a Volkswagen Polo and slammed into the back of a Mitsubishi L200, and it all took place in Cambridgeshire.

Footage also shows Chauhan being detained by police and tested with a breathalyzer, which revealed that he was driving while more than three times over the legal limit for alcohol, with several empty beer bottles and a bottle of whisky discovered in his car when it was searched.

The crash happened at around 6:35 in the morning in September 2023, and Chauhan has now been sentenced to a 16-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and he's been ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work.

Unsurprisingly, the sentence also included a three-year driving ban, so he won't be on the roads for quite some time.

Cambridgeshire Police/PA
Cambridgeshire Police/PA

Thankfully, the police's report and court details show that, despite being injured and bleeding from the head, the victim in the front car was able to walk away from the crash - which you wouldn't really bet on after seeing the video for the first time.

Chauhan's driving had apparently been erratic well before the crash, too, with reports that he was driving in excess of 100 miles per hour for some 10 miles before he eventually crashed, weaving in and out of traffic.

Consuming alcohol is a no-no when driving for obvious reasons - it inhibits our risk assessment and gives people false confidence, so it shouldn't be any surprise that a lot of instructors and experts recommend that you don't drink at all if you're planning to drive, regardless of the legal limits.

Featured Image Credit: Cambridgeshire Police