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Cybertruck owner shares full cost of fixing crack in roof glass and people can't believe the price

Cybertruck owner shares full cost of fixing crack in roof glass and people can't believe the price

Given the Cybertruck's high cost, it's no surprise the repair prices are extortionate.

Tesla's Cybertruck has caused both a mix of good and bad feelings since its debut.

Sure, its beast-like appearance makes you feel like a boss driving it around, but reports of several failures and malfunctions don't exactly inspire confidence.

Regardless, if any parts aren't covered under warranty, you can be sure to pay a hefty fee if it comes to repairs.

One Cybertruck owner shared the cost breakdown of repairing the vehicle's roof after it was damaged.

The issue listed as 'Glass & Roof Windows - Roof glass broken' incurred a cost of $1,839.30.


But, the added tax of $123.75 brought the total cost asking up to a whopping $1963.05.

The driver also shared a couple of photos of the damage which display a few deep scratches on the edge of the vehicle's roof.

'So much for Tesla armoured glass,' one responder remarked.

Curious about how the damage happened, another intrigued user asked the owner: 'How did you manage to do that?'

To which the Cybertruck owner, Reddit username of gad908, replied: 'Something hit my roof while driving. Didn't see anything. Heard a pop, then what sounded like a speaker blowing.'

Another user advised lowering their 'comprehensive deductible to $100' - a tip others agreed with - adding that Tesla insurance would probably help cut costs further.


Many wondered how long repairs would take as no estimated timeline for parts or service completion was provided.

On the other side, some social media users figured the price was reasonable given the damage, with one pointing out: 'Honestly I expected way more than that.'

Another commented on their own experience and shared: 'For comparison sake, the roof on my 2020 M3 came out to around 1800'.

Many have tested the vehicle's durability, testing its durability using everything from baseball bats to bullets. The CEO himself tried to prove its bulletproof claims by firing shots at it.

Others took a melee approach and attempted to smash the car with baseball bats which resulted in next to no impact.

Despite the truck’s tough exterior, issues like rust have been reported by several drivers, revealing that even stainless steel isn't entirely immune to corrosion, especially with the lack of a clear coat.

Each day, the Cybertruck isn't living up to what it's supposed to be.

Featured Image Credit: u/gad908/Reddit