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Photo of black Cybertruck in Disney carpark has everyone pointing out the same thing

Photo of black Cybertruck in Disney carpark has everyone pointing out the same thing

This stylish wrap is getting rave reviews.

One of the best things about more Cybertrucks on the road is seeing how people are customizing their rides.

Wraps are one the most popular ways to do this, letting you basically swaddle your car in a perfectly fitted sheet of material that gives it an all-new color and finish, without having to go so far as actually getting a car-quality paint job, which can be way more expensive.

We've already seen some really choice wraps, including a lovely green version that people were impressed by, and a recent red option that also stands out from the crowd.

Now a stealthier option has been spotted in the wild. It was found by a Reddit user in the parking lot at a Disney park: a Cybertruck wrapped up to be completely black.

While plenty of people like the stainless steel look of the default Cybertruck, it's fair to say that this black version looks absolutely great, and the Reddit post notes that it "was getting attention in the parking lot" from admirers.

The wrap is even more effective than others thanks to the fact that it now matches the wheel covers on the Cybertruck, giving it a pretty unified look.

It's getting terrific verdicts from commenters under the post, too - nearly unanimously in favour of that black aesthetic.

One commenter said: "Matte black looks so damn good. Gonna have to get it", while another agreed: "I’d do this. Wrap it immediately".

This widespread praise was only really interrupted by one note of caution, which came in the form of users wondering if the black wrap might mean that the Cybertruck could get very hot in summer.

Anadolu / Contributor / Getty

After all, plenty of US states now get absolutely blistering summer heat, and black is the most heat-absorbing color possible, so it's a pretty logical hesitation.

While Tesla cars have a feature called "Cabin overheat protection", which can run the air conditioning to keep the cabin from turning into an oven, some commenters noted that they've had to disable it since it tries to run all the time when the heat is completely unavoidable.

One comment said: "In Orlando, my model 3 had the AC running whilst parked at night. Just sitting there eats your juice".

So, that might be one reason to hesitate - but if you're coming from a purely aesthetic point of view, this black wrap has to go down as a total success.

Featured Image Credit: dasmittyman/Reddit