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Advanced Cybertuck feature leaves people confused as to what it's for

Advanced Cybertuck feature leaves people confused as to what it's for

The 'interior cabin radar' is causing quite a stir online.

It's hard to keep up with the sheer amount of features in the Cybertruck.

Whether it's Easter egg windows that are modelled on the silhouette of the electric pickup or a cute dog-friendly mode when your pooch is inside, it seems like Tesla has thought of everything.

And yet there are also some features that are a little harder to decipher - and one's going viral on X (formerly known as Twitter).

The Cybertruck's interior radar has got people talking.

X user The Cybertruck Guy (@cybrtrkguy) posted: "Cybertruck includes an interior radar for... occupant detection?

"Who's got the scoop on why this is necessary and what benefits it provides over the seat sensors?"

His post was accompanied by a picture of the screen on a Cybertruck's dashboard, showing which seats in the truck are occupied.

Luckily, other X users have a lot of thoughts on what it actually means.

"To better detect the size and shape of the occupants so as to optimize the deployment airbags during a crash. Next level safety is what Tesla does," one suggested.

Another explained that interior radars could be better as they can "detect real people and not just weight" - which means, for example, it can tell the difference if you've put a heavy backpack on one of the seats or if someone is sitting there.

And one suggested there could be a more serious benefit to this high tech feature.

This is just one of the Cybertruck's super high tech features.
SUZANNE CORDEIRO / Contributor / Getty

"The sensor can detect 'life signatures' like if a person stops breathing, the car will know," they commented.

The interior radars have also been a hot topic of discussion on Reddit.

One user explained it deftly: "'Interior radar' is exactly what it says it is - a radar that is pointed at the interior of the car. Human bodies are mostly water and are very well visible on certain radar frequencies.

"So a simple radar can very easily, very quickly and 100% reliably determine how many people are in the car, which seats they are occupying and what is their relative size. Regardless of their weight, what clothes are they wearing and so on."

They suggested it is "more reliable than a camera" and less intrusive as it doesn't take photos.

So there you have it - another high tech feature of the Cybertruck. If you do have enough cash to pay for one - and manage to make it to the top of the waiting list - maybe the only thing you have to worry about is whether to splash out on one of the fancy wraps.

That'll be an extra $6,500 (£5,100) to transform the silver vehicle into a matte black or white color. No biggie.

Featured Image Credit: Tesla/@cybrtrkguy/X