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YouTuber sneaks into Elon Musk's Hyperloop Tunnel in video branded ‘one of the most high profile shenanigans yet' by viewers

YouTuber sneaks into Elon Musk's Hyperloop Tunnel in video branded ‘one of the most high profile shenanigans yet' by viewers

They left something potentially critical behind.

Earlier this year YouTube daredevil DyingLlama posted what people are describing as ‘one of his most high-profile shenanigans yet’ when he snuck into Elon Musk’s Hyperloop tunnel.

The anonymous YouTuber is known for his fear-inducing videos scaling huge cranes, iconic buildings and even being chased by police.

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Tunnel was intended to transport cargo and even people at super high speeds of up to 621 miles per hour.

Several Hyperloops began production in the 2010’s, before eventually being abandoned entirely by Musk in 2023.

Reports circulated shortly after that Musk’s Hyperloop in California would be turned into parking for SpaceX employees.

The video posted to YouTube in May this year begins with DyingLlama and his friend outside the now-closed facility, in the middle of the night. Emboldened by the lack of ‘keep out’ signs (though these wouldn’t have stopped them anyway) they started their journey.

They made their way through cramped spaces filled with old bikes and other building debris.

After walking past abandoned construction equipment, and the odd Tesla, they began to make their way underground through an entrance with ‘The Boring Company’ emblazoned on the front — the company behind the tunnel’s construction.

And just like that, the duo had made it to the tunnel. Beginning what would be a very long walk, the adventurers were incredibly excited with one saying: “this tunnel is a lot cooler than I thought”.


Trying to place where exactly they were in the tunnel, DyingLlama was keen to keep venturing forward to see what lies ahead, while his companion was already ready to turn back.

After more wandering, they come to an area that eerily sounds like it’s still in operation. Keen to venture forward, the pair keep pushing even though they have no idea where it might end up.

As they approach this new section of tunnel, DyingLlama spots his worst nightmare — a camera. As he exclaims ‘s***’, he pans the camera back and fourth from his companion in a panic before repeating ‘nah its fine its fine its fine its fine its fine’.

At this point, DyingLlama’s friend turns and walks away, saying ‘I’m done’.

But DyingLlama pleads ‘let’s go down there really quickly’, continuing ‘we gotta check it out we’re already ******* here’.


Managing to convince his friend to wait for him, DyingLlama runs to see what lays further into this new section of tunnel.

What he finds seems to be a smaller, more cramped tunnel, packed full of wires and other heavy duty electrical equipment. And after snapping a few pictures, he makes his way back toward safety.

When he arrives back, his friend is dealing with disaster. He’s dropped his memory card underneath the tracks. You’d think this would trigger intense panic in the pair as it contained potentially incriminating footage, but hilariously the video on that memory card is just of ‘a wedding’.

Commenters were beyond impressed with the feat by the adventurous YouTuber. One comment with 5k likes said ‘this is actually one of the most high profile shenanigans yet’.

Others were too busy laughing at the fact that they left a memory card in the tunnel. One commenter wrote: “the idea of some random guys wedding video now being trapped in one of those tunnels is absurdly funny”.

Featured Image Credit: DyingLlama/YouTube