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TikToker's childhood friend's family tradition has left people disgusted

TikToker's childhood friend's family tradition has left people disgusted

Her mom banned her from visiting her friend after this incident.

Remember the excitement of going to your bestie’s house for a sleepover?

As well as all the usual coming-of-age moments sleepovers bring, they can also make you realise how weird your family is, or how weird your friend’s family is.

Maybe you went over to Jessica’s house and realised that her family don’t call the TV remote the “box” or some other niche fact relevant to only your family. Yes, that is a personal anecdote.

Some discoveries are weirder than others though. And some are just downright unsettling.

But this discovery by TikToker @taraynalexess belongs to the latter category.

Tarayn recalls how 8-year-old her was beyond excited to go to her friend ‘Britney’s’ “rich rich” two-story house that was decked out with a pool and a movie room.

Plus, she got to spend time with Britney’s older brother who Tarayn had an elementary school crush on. (Trust me, he’s important to the story.)

The house was “the most amazing house” Tarayn had ever seen. That was until she spotted a knife hanging on the wall in the laundry room…

She was suspicious, but didn’t want to make a fuss and ask her friend what it was, so she left it.

But then, Britney’s brother shouts from the bathroom upstairs “mom, I need the knife!” and Tarayn couldn’t resist asking what the knife was for.

Britney reveals completely candidly, “it’s a poop knife” that she and her family use to ‘slice’ their poop when it’s too big to flush. Tarayn says she had “never been so shocked in [her] life”.

The TikToker describes it as one of the most shocking moments of her life (@taraynalexess/TikTok)
The TikToker describes it as one of the most shocking moments of her life (@taraynalexess/TikTok)

When Tarayn told her mom about the incident on her way home, asking why they didn’t have a poop knife, her mom banned her from going to Britney’s house ever again.

And in case you were wondering, Tarayn’s crush on Britney’s brother was extinguished as soon as she found out he had to slice his poop in order to flush it. And she never went back to that house.

Commenters were just as weirded out as Tarayn, with one saying “I wanna be the person I was before I saw this video” and another commenting “I wish I could unknow this”.

Others were simply perplexed about the logistics — “i’m still stuck on why it’s in the laundry room?! 😭💀”.

While most people seem disgusted by the idea of a poop knife, some people seem to find it totally normal.

One Reddit user even shared his very own stand for his poop knife.

And the r/Poopknife community is 4.4k members strong. The more you know, I guess.

Featured Image Credit: taraynalexess/TikTok