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Elon Musk is making more dramatic changes to X and people are 'begging' him not to

Elon Musk is making more dramatic changes to X and people are 'begging' him not to

People are not happy about it.

Just when you think Elon Musk is done making changes to X (formerly known as Twitter), the billionaire seemingly confirms further redesign of the social media platform.

That's right, another big change is coming - And people aren't happy about it.

This upcoming change isn't exactly subtle either, as it's set to switch up how people use the app completely.

It looks like X is planning to redesign how content shows up in people's feeds by removing all interaction and engagement buttons from posts.

This means the like, repost, and reply options would no longer be visible.

And we don't know about you, but it always helps to see how many reposts (aka retweets) something has before you decide to join in and repost it yourself.

These upcoming X post design changes were first discovered by researcher Aaron Perris of MacRumors, who shared a screen recording of how the updated version of X will look.

Musk has since confirmed these changes are coming.

Perris captioned the post: 'Here is what X is going to look like without any like/repost buttons on the timeline, all gesture based.

'Swipe left and right to like and reply or Force Touch to see a menu with more actions'

Along with the removal of the buttons, repost, like, and reply counts will also be removed from each individual post.

Instead of tapping on a button, selecting like or repost as usual, X wants users to swipe left or right on a post - which will act as a way of selecting like or reply.

(Sounding kind of similar to a certain dating app you might be familiar with...)

X for iOS users can also force touch a post in order to open a menu with more options.

The only visible metric on the post in the timeline will be view count, which has moved from the bottom of a tweet to the upper right hand corner.

The reaction so far from people has not been hugely positive.

'Absolute trash. Will kill what Twitter is. Abort this nonsense,' one user replied.

Another slated the design, calling it 'Awful. People will not be engaging with posts as much.'

Whilst a third went as far to say they'd leave the app for good: 'If this is added i’m done using twitter'.

	NurPhoto / Contributor
NurPhoto / Contributor

Taking the criticism in his stride, Musk has been brushing off the negative comments.

'It’s awesome," he said. "Just swipe left to like and right to reply.'

Since taking over the social media platform in October 2022, Must has made a lot of controversial changes - The most recent decision to ruffle feathers being the one to remove public likes.

However, try not to panic too much, as Musk did say it would be changed back if 'sucks that bad'.

Featured Image Credit: @aaronp613/X / Marc Piasecki / Contributor / Getty