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Viewers blown away after watching video that shows the last thing to ever happen in the universe

Viewers blown away after watching video that shows the last thing to ever happen in the universe

A recent viral YouTube video has stunned viewers by explaining the last thing to ever happen in the universe

Ever wondered what happens when the universe ends, after humanity bids farewell?

Wonder no more, as a recent video has been released explaining the final events that will take place before the universe ends.

And yes, it's as bleak as it sounds.

Lumina Obscura / Pixabay
Lumina Obscura / Pixabay

Uploaded to the YouTube channel 'Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell', the viral video takes a documentary-style approach, using detailed animations and a creative narrator to vividly illustrate and explain the striking events.

Starting with the 'messy birth' of the universe, the video takes you through the life journey of gas, and the accumulation of trapped electrons over countless years.

Fast forwarding through trillions, gazillions and bazillions of years - when the 'difference between a second and trillions of years has lost all meaning' - the last event of the universe happens.

The video animates a black dwarf that loses 'too many electrons', collapsing under its immense mass to become a supernova. Both an implosion and explosion occur, and the universe is momentarily filled with light, which the video describes as 'a beautiful moment nobody will get to enjoy'.

Yet, as quickly as it happens, it ends. The universe once again becomes dark and empty - a place of nothingness.

Despite the sobering theme of the video, the narrator does take a somewhat humorous approach. It currently has a viewership of 3.6 million and is blowing viewers' minds, illustrating an event no human will get the opportunity to witness.

Lumina Obscura / Pixabay
Lumina Obscura / Pixabay

One YouTube user commented: "How amazing is it that you get to be one of the very few particle bundles that is fully aware and can partially understand this beautiful thing we participate on that is the universe?"

Whilst another comment said: "Watching these videos give me a mix of existential dread about the end, and a FOMO because I won't live long enough to see how it plays out."

Other comments are taking the end of the universe a bit more to heart, with comments like: "I have watched this like 5 times already and still my eyes tear up every time I see that last supernova."

Now, if the video sounds a little too unsettling to watch and has you worried about the bleak end, fret not. The narrator concludes on a reassuring note that the end is so far ahead in the future that 'forever hardly describes it' - so you can sleep tight at night! Take that as lightheartedly as you like.

Featured Image Credit: rbkomar / Max Dannenbaum / Getty Images