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Terrifying simulation shows what would happen to a human body without a spacesuit in space

Terrifying simulation shows what would happen to a human body without a spacesuit in space

It's not pretty...

People are uneasy after watching a simulation video that shows what would happen to your body without a spacesuit in space…and it’s not an instant death.

A TikTok has gone viral after detailing exactly what would happen to a human body when it is exposed to the vacuum of space without equipment.

And it’s definitely not as gory as you might first think - although it's fair to say you wouldn't be having a good time.

The video created by DG EYE science on YouTube shows the scary details of what would happen if you’re ‘accidentally thrown out of your space suit’ while you’re lost in space.

Not really a relatable situation for most of us, but you never know.

The video says that ‘surprisingly you probably wouldn’t explode’ – which is an idea we’re familiar with from movies.

And that’s also probably the grossest part of the simulation video anyway, watching the cartoon’s head blow up.

Instead, in the first few seconds, the gases in your body ‘will start to expand’ and the air in your lungs ‘will cause your lung tissue to rupture’.

Then, within five seconds, the ‘water on the surface of eyes, skin and mouth’ starts to evaporate, and the water in your blood ‘starts to boil’.

The body begins to expand.

The simulation then shows the body swelling and becoming bigger, almost like a big human balloon, as the skin ‘is elastic and strong enough to withstand pressure’.

Then after blacking out, the heart eventually ‘slows down and stops’ before you would 'die of asphyxiation', with the video showing the body turning grey.

According to Popular Science, an astronaut who is exposed to space’s vacuum would experience their blood vaporising, along with all the water in their body, in just 10 seconds.

They would then lose consciousness in 15 seconds as their body expands and lungs collapse.

The unlucky astronaut would be paralysed, or more likely dead, in 30 seconds, most likely dying of asphyxiation or decompression.

People rushed to the comments to crack jokes about the really useful information they had learnt - you know, just in case they ever find themselves in that sort of a situation!

One said: “So your body turns itself into a spacesuit.”

Another said: “This video shows how to become buff in seconds.”

A third added: “What will I be doing in space, my man?”

One person made a good point about the time it takes for you to eventually die, saying: “That 15 seconds will feel like an eternity.”

Well at least we’re all now fully prepared, although we kind of think you’re better off not knowing exactly what’s going on in your body in that situation.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@dgeye