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Elon Musk reveals what would happen if SpaceX satellites ever encountered aliens

Elon Musk reveals what would happen if SpaceX satellites ever encountered aliens

His X platform would be the first to know.

Not long ago, scientists declared they were getting closer to confirming potential alien civilisations in space.

Unexpected spikes of infrared beams - showing extraterrestrials could be harnessing the energy of our galaxy's stars - stumped researchers in finding a natural cause behind it.

Now, no other than Elon Musk has spoken out about what he would do if his SpaceX satellites encountered aliens.

Since founded his space company in March 2002, Musk’s goal has been to advance rocket technology and eventually establish a sustainable colony on Mars.

While still a while off from this goal, the SpaceX team have made significant progress in their long-term mission.

Apu Gomes / Stringer / Getty
Apu Gomes / Stringer / Getty

During a talk at the Global Conference on 6 May, held by the Milken Institute, California, the Tesla CEO addressed the audience about the possibility of discovering alien life.

He mentioned that SpaceX has around 6,000 satellites with the potential to come across extraterrestrial life forms.

However, he admitted that his surveillance tech hasn't yet detected any signs of alien life.

Though if it did, X (formerly Twitter) would be the first to hear about it.

He said: 'I have seen no evidence of aliens. If I did, I would 100% post about it on X instantly!' Although, I think that goes without saying.

'SpaceX has almost 6,000 satellites in orbit and not once have we ever had to move around aliens. Never. So I'm like, okay, I don't see any evidence of aliens.'

In the conference, Musk also went on to pull apart a seemingly contradictory opinion by some: 'And for some reason, a lot of the same people who think there are aliens among us don't think we went to the moon, which, I'm like: 'Think about that for a second.''

Anadolu / Contributor / Getty
Anadolu / Contributor / Getty

However, he stated that he is open to the idea of alien visitation to Earth if there is concrete evidence.

'If somebody has evidence of aliens, you know, that's not just a fuzzy blob, then I'd love to see it, love to hear about it. But I don't think there is,' Musk claimed.

The tech billionaire then shared his worries about the future of mankind.

He described that if an ancient society could have survived for a million years, it would have likely explored the whole Milky Way galaxy by now.

'So, they haven't, so why not? I think the answer might be, probably, is that that civilisation is precarious and rare. And that we should really think of human civilization as being like a tiny candle in a vast darkness. And we should do everything possible to ensure that that candle does not go out.'

Featured Image Credit: Apu Gomes / Stringer / Anadolu / Contributor / Getty