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People left ’terrified’ after man on cruise ship drops GoPro in the ocean and captures what lies beneath

People left ’terrified’ after man on cruise ship drops GoPro in the ocean and captures what lies beneath

This viral video shows exactly what's going on under the surface.

Billionaires like Elon Musk might be obsessed with outer space, but there's huge parts of our own planet that feel pretty alien.

Particularly if you think about the vast areas under the sea - which have been revealed in a fascinating YouTube video.

YouTuber Odysseas Froilan (@OdiFroilan) has 6.35k subscribers to his channel, and one of his most popular videos sees him drop a GoPro underneath a cruise ship.

Odysseas Froilan / YouTube
Odysseas Froilan / YouTube

The camera - which is presumably on a string or something similar - drifts to the bottom of the ocean floor, showing what's going on down there.

First posted in November 2021, the video has racked up over 6.8 million views. It starts with the daytime footage, showing the water teeming with life and all types of fish swimming around.

Things get decidedly creepier when the video shows what goes on under the surface at night. It's not quite as busy underwater, but there are some scarier additions - with sharks floating into shot out of the murky depths.

People have been flocking to the comment section to marvel at the video - and many were making the same observation.

"I love how naturally curious fish are. Even the barracuda," one person wrote - and they're right, particularly considering the vicious reputation barracuda have.

"I find it so cute how the fish are all so curious," a second commenter agreed, while a third said: "I love how the fish immediately come to investigate what just dropped in the water."

People do seem particularly impressed by the barracuda, with one writing: "Really loved watching the barracuda mingle with each other and in the schools of other fish so casually. They’re always depicted as such brutal & hungry fish, so it’s just cool to see them acting like, well, normal animals."

While everyone seems to think it's a fascinating bit of footage, they can't quite get over how ominous it is.

"This is simultaneously one of the most interesting and terrifying footage I've ever seen. I'm fascinated by the ocean and marine life but you'll never catch me anywhere near any large body of water," one YouTuber wrote.

Another added: "This was way more interesting than I thought it would be. Man there's something primally terrifying about seeing a shark emerge from the darkness like that."

That's the beauty of YouTube - letting us see stuff like this, without having to go anywhere near a shark.

Featured Image Credit: Odysseas Froilan/YouTube