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These YouTubers tried 100 years worth of snacks and the taste test is hilarious

These YouTubers tried 100 years worth of snacks and the taste test is hilarious

For balance they tried American and British snacks across the decades, but which treat won the taste test?

Everyone has their go-to snack, whether that's a particular brand of crisps, chocolate or sweets.

But have you ever wondered what snacks people were sampling through the decades?

Well, YouTuber WillNE, real name William Lenney, was joined on his YouTube channel by pal Mikey Lamb, and the duo took on the task of trying 100 years of sweets or candy.

For every year, the guys tried a British and an American sweet too, for balance.

Their culinary journey starts in the 1920s, where they sample Fruit Salad sweets, made by confectionery brand Barratt.

In keeping with the 1920s, their American snack was a chocolate bar called a Baby Ruth, which, reading out their description says they are "fully loaded with chocolate flavoured nougat, creamy caramel and fresh peanuts".

After speculating the snack was named after the famous baseball player Babe Ruth, the YouTubers said that the Curtiss Company, who made the snack (the company was later sold), had previously claimed it was named after President Grover Cleveland's daughter Ruth Cleveland.

Baseball great George Herman, aka Babe Ruth, helped establish the New York Yankees as one of the top teams of the 1920s and 30s. He scored 2,174 runs and hit 714 home runs. He died in 1948.

The taste test saw the British snack of Fruit Salad being deemed more favourable than the American chocolate bar.

The 1930s era offered up a Snickers bar, which they say got their name from a favourite horse of the Mars family. They also sampled Ritz crackers as their American snack.

The duo sampled a range of snacks.

Fast forward and the 1950s taste tests included a Mint Aero for the British snack, with the video claiming Aero peppermint was launched in 1959. For the American snack they tried sweets called Hot Tamales, a cinnamon flavoured spicy sweet.

Moving to the 1970s, the British snack was Wotsits, while the American counterpart was Reese's Pieces candy.

The 2020's included a Cadbury's Creme Egg bar as the British snack, while the American snack was Feastables' MrBeast chocolate.

The end tally for the scores saw British snacks beat the American snacks with a winning score of 6, just one more than the 5 awarded to the US treats.

(Be warned though, their taste test may not be for the faint-hearted with some quips along the way).

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/WillNE