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YouTuber comes across dark web site so disturbing he almost throws up

YouTuber comes across dark web site so disturbing he almost throws up

He was left 'questioning mankind'.

The dark web is a shifty place we all do well staying away from.

It's full of some of the darkest sites, malware, private information, and things that can get you in serious trouble - and put you in potential danger.

The world's most ethical hacker once said in an interview that you have to know exactly where to look to find the really dark stuff on the dark web.

He talked about 'Hidden Wiki', which lists various shady sites, from fake IDs to illegal weapons, to purely horrifying stuff.

For one YouTuber, one website got a little too much.

Outside of his gaming content, YouTuber Mutahar, from the channel SomeOrdinaryGamers, created a series called 'Deep Web Browsing'.


Each episode shows him exploring different corners of the deep web and explaining what he finds. He always starts his videos with a disclaimer, warning viewers about the 'adult material' they're about to see.

In a 2016 episode, the 43rd in its series, Mutahar warned that some of the content shown is illegal.

The content creator kicked things off by checking out a 'standard hitman website', explaining how the email on the site is encrypted and untraceable.

The site mentioned getting rid of an 'annoying boss' or 'cheating wife' for £10,000, payable in two instalments.

Next, he visited a gambling website called 'Crime City', which looked like a slot machine game.

Then he found a site called 'Mankind's Habit,' which was the sketchiest one yet.

It said it was under construction, and Mutahar explained it would host some 'deep web' videos and images. He viewed a strange image before playing a video captioned: 'The peaceful sounds are lovely.'

The video is blurred for YouTube censorship reasons. At the start of the video, a baby can be heard crying. Mutahar's reaction quickly turns to shock and disgust as the music becomes more sinister.

He gagged and coughed before sitting in silence for a while, trying to process what he had seen.

'That was not what I was expecting,' the YouTuber admitted. 'I know a lot of people don't like the censorship, but that was snuff porn,' he continued before gagging again.

Jay Wennington/Unsplash
Jay Wennington/Unsplash

He later said he 'cross-referenced' the images and believed they might be linked to a series of Japanese 'fake snuff films.' He knew he couldn't show the clip on YouTube but didn't hide his disgust before moving on to other videos on the site.

One clip showed thousands of maggots, followed by another blurred clip that looked equally disturbing - but nothing shook Mutahar as much as the first video.

He questioned humanity, saying the videos were 'invoking a gag reflex' and he couldn't tell if it was 'legit snuff' or someone 'editing fake snuff.'

Either way, it's pretty scary stuff.

Featured Image Credit: SomeOrdinaryGamers/YouTube / Westend61/Getty