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Software engineer wears Apple Vision Pro during his wedding and his wife doesn’t look impressed

Software engineer wears Apple Vision Pro during his wedding and his wife doesn’t look impressed

But just why did Jacob Wright sport the fancy piece of tech?

It's one thing wearing the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset while you ride the subway, but quite another to break it out during your own wedding.

That's just what American software engineer Jacob Wright did earlier this month, immediately going viral after he uploaded a photo of the moment to X (formerly Twitter).

The photo is pretty priceless, showing Wright in his Apple headset next to his new wife, Cambree Wright, in her white dress looking bemused.

But just why was Jacob wearing the fancy piece of tech? Well, Futurism tracked him down to ask him and it's quite a simple explanation - and no, he did not wear it during the actual wedding ceremony.

As it turns out, the photo is a bit of a misleading one - or at least, it's only part of the picture.

For one thing, it was taken after the ceremony had finished, and was during that long part of a wedding where all the photos have to be taken.

Wright realised while the professional photographer was working that he had his Vision Pro in the car, and asked if he could run to get it - his newlywed wife said that was fine, so he did just that.

He told Futurism: "My wife was like, 'We're not taking photos in the Vision Pro. But I told her it was just for the meme."

The reason wasn't to get some funny photos of him in the headset (although those have turned out to be a bonus), but rather to also use the headset to take some of what Apple calls Spatial Video and Spatial Photos.

The Apple Vision Pro.

These are immersive captures that take in more than just a 2D plane and are apparently pretty amazing to go back and watch in the headset, making you feel a bit more like you've been transported into the video.

When you realise this, it sort of makes sense that you might want some of that sort of thing from your wedding day, to look back on when you're older.

Wright explained: "I have a video of me there with all the bridesmaids, all the groomsmen — everyone who came to the ceremony. I think that'll be super awesome to show our kids in 20 years".

Speaking about her expression, meanwhile, his bride, Cambree, told Futurism: "I look pissed in the picture. I wasn't really mad, though. I just thought it was funny."

So, if the story gives us one key lesson it might just be that uploading a photo of yourself doing something funny at your own wedding might not always be worth the clout, since everyone's liable to jump to the worst possible interpretation of what could be a cute real-life moment.

Featured Image Credit: @jahvascript/X