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Futuristic 'immersive' luxury island set to finish construction in 2024 as part of $1,500,000,000,000 project

Futuristic 'immersive' luxury island set to finish construction in 2024 as part of $1,500,000,000,000 project

It's part of the same project as the infamous 'The Line'.

By now, most people have heard of The Line - Billed as Saudi Arabia's biggest ever project, a huge city planned to be built in the shape of a 170km streak through the landscape.

But if that’s not mind blowing enough, then direct your attention to Sindalah.

Sindalah is set to be NEOM’s first luxury island and yacht club destination.

‘Providing a scenic gateway to the Red Sea, it will be an exciting and attractive tourism location.

‘With a perfect year-round climate, [it] will become a global yachting hub and a sustainable luxury destination featuring world-class cuisine, shopping and wellness,’ as described on the NEOM website.


Spanning 840,000 square metres across the picturesque Red Sea, the island will have no cars or roads.

Instead, vital services and amenities that people require will be within a five minute walk.

There’s plans for a nine-hole golf course with a 280 metre driving range, as well as an on-site sports club offering a training academy, Olympic-size swimming pool, spa and sports court.

Reportedly meant to open this year, aims to attract an impressive 2,400 visitors a day by 2028, and will be the first NEOM project to open.


The website does not yet specify a specific launch date, however, you can now register your interest online in visiting.

It is hoped that, eventually, at least one in ten of all tourists to NEOM will visit Sindalah, which will be accessible by ferry or seaplane.

Antoni Vives, chief urban planning Officer at NEOM, has said ‘NEOM is creating the land of the future, where we want to bring together the greatest minds and privodie the best quality of life in the world.’

‘Sindalah is a new frontier for leisure, exploration and self-fulfilment. We want to provide new and improved experiences in this world - with sustainability, connectivity and joy in mind.’


When asked about the sustainability of the island and how they’re enforcing that, he explains that they’re ‘adopting the circular economy’ across their $1.5 trillion projects.

‘We will also in the future be using the green hydrogen plant in NEOM, which will be the biggest and cleanest on Earth, and we are developing solar and wind power.

The development is anticipated to create 3,500 jobs for the tourism sector and hospitality and leisure services.

Featured Image Credit: NEOM