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MrBeast vows to give away huge amount of money his video made on X

MrBeast vows to give away huge amount of money his video made on X

The YouTuber's latest competition will see 10 lucky people win $25,000 each.

MrBeast just made some fascinating revelations on X (formerly known as Twitter) declaring how much money he made from the first week of a full-length video he posted on the social media platform.

The post makes good on his promise: to disclose how much money it made, so content creators could see whether posting videos on X was worth it.


In his case, it's looking pretty good for MrBeast - real name Jimmy Donaldson - since the video was a re-upload of a YouTube post from last year and has made him more than $250,000 in just a week.

He's qualified that by explaining how the post is probably getting more exposure and better payment rates than most people could match, but that still leaves him with a cool quarter of a million in his pocket.

In typical MrBeast fashion, this has prompted the mega-famous YouTuber to offer up a giveaway - one that, unlike some of his most famous videos, doesn't actually require all that much from people who want to enter.

MrBeast / X

All you have to do is follow MrBeast on X and then repost the giveaway announcement (something that would have been called a Retweet until recently, but here we are).

Before you start planning what you'll spend that money on, know this - 2.5 million other accounts have already entered the competition.

With each winner set to receive $25,000, that means there are 10 winners to be picked, so you've got an incredibly slim chance of actually getting your name drawn.

That said, people play the lottery all the time with worse odds, so if you want to throw your hat in the ring there's no point hanging around.

Leon Bennett / Stringer / Getty

MrBeast said he'd pick the winner in 72 hours from the point he made the post, putting the deadline at roughly 1PM ET on January 25, so you still have some time to get your entry in.

This is very much typical generosity from a YouTuber who's made his name by funding huge giveaways, often in the hundreds of thousands of dollars at once. Generally, his contestants have to earn these sums, though.

This might mean winning a huge recreation of one of the challenges from Squid Game, staying inside a square marked on the ground for days at a time, or evading capture by a squad of hitmen - rarely something as simple as reposting a social media post.

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