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Facebook Messenger just got huge update that people have been asking for for years

Facebook Messenger just got huge update that people have been asking for for years

Finally, no more grainy photos.

Given how dominated the modern world is by mobile photography and videos, it's surprising how many platforms still make it hard to send photos to each other in full HD.

Thankfully, the tide seems to be turning in the last year or so, and now Facebook Messenger is the latest to get with the programme.

It's just received a major new update (which you should be able to download from the App Store now) to add a new HD toggle when you send a photo in any chat.

Facebook Messenger has an exciting new update.

Once you turn this toggle on, you'll be able to select multiple more photos if you like, letting you send them all in their full HD glory.

This is something that users have been waiting for years to be able to use, and means you can finally do away with using an email or something like WeTransfer to send photos through without them being compressed badly.

It also follows in the footsteps of WhatsApp, which is also owned by parent company Meta, and which got HD photo sending last year, after a similar amount of time waiting for the feature.

This isn't the only thing changing about photo-sharing on Facebook Messenger, though, with a nice new album feature also arriving in the update.

It lets you create shared albums right there in Messenger, using a new Create Album button when you select photos to send to the group.

This basically makes your photos group into an album that everyone in the chat can edit, add to, delete or download from. It's like a shared scrapbook that you can create for any given event or memory that you've got together.

It sounds like a nice, and much quicker and lighter option than creating a shared album on a full photo storage system like Google Photos, and could be more impromptu and less high-maintenance than that sort of system.

You can now also send larger files on Facebook Messenger.

On top of all this, Messenger is also getting the ability to send larger files than it previously could manage - with the new file limit raised up to 100MB. That might not sound huge, and it's not designed to let you send massive backups or anything, but it'll be more than enough for even a large PDF in most cases.

Finally, Messenger profiles are now getting unique QR codes that you can use to quickly show someone your contact details and let them add you without needing to dictate your name and other details.

It's heavily reminiscent of Snap codes, which made sharing your profile on Snapchat with someone really easy.

Some of these features should be available right now if you're on the latest version of the Messenger app, although Facebook says that a few of them might take a few weeks to roll out to everyone.

Featured Image Credit: NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty