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Netflix users mock Elon Musk over his Leave the World Behind criticism

Netflix users mock Elon Musk over his Leave the World Behind criticism

They have poked fun at the Tesla billionaire's reaction to Sam Esmail’s film.

Netflix users have called out Elon Musk on his reaction to the streaming giant’s Leave the World Behind saying he needs to watch the film again.

If you’ve watched the film, then you’ll have seen Elon Musk’s salty response to that scene featuring a bunch of Teslas.

Viewers of the new apocalyptic thriller from award-winning director Sam Esmail, creator of hit TV series Mr. Robot, have mocked his thoughts on the film and some of the responses are hilarious.

Replying to a snippet of the film posted to X by Netflix by saying, Musk said: “Teslas can charge from solar panels even if the world goes fully Mad Max and there is no more gasoline!”.

One viewer claimed the film has “triggered” Musk, but joked it was the best part of watching the new Netflix film.

“Best thing about Leave the World Behind is it triggered Elon,” the Netflix subscriber said.

“This guy didn’t watch the movie,” one viewer wrote, with another stating: “Elon should rewatch the movie.”

Elon Musk posted on X about Tesla cars
Elon Musk posted on X about Tesla cars

The film has received rave reviews after it dropped on the streaming giant on 8 December and filled with a star-studded cast including Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali and Ethan Hawke.

However, Musk was less than impressed as the film appears to poke fun at his car company in a scene which shows a highway pile-up of empty, white Tesla Model 3s.

Tesla scene in Netflix's Leave the World Behind.

The luxury electric cars, which come with a self-driving feature, are all self-destructing because of a mass power outage in what many consider to be a swipe at Tesla’s self-driving Autopilot feature.

You might be wondering how they even managed to make it look like the Tesla’s were malfunctioning.

Well, the film's picture car coordinator Robbie Griffin is reported to have scoured for as many damaged models of the car as he could secure, and then also rented a few for the shoot, with additional shots filled in by VFX.

The billionaire’s apparent inability to take a joke comes as he finds himself also seemingly well and truly roasted by Grok, the artificial intelligence chatbot he launched on Friday for the platform’s premium subscribers.

It looks like the sarcastic chatbot has a sense of humor - calling the Tesla titan “a giant man-child”.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: PHILIP PACHECO / Contributor / Getty / Netflix YouTube