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Boston Dynamics robot dog gets terrifying makeover

Boston Dynamics robot dog gets terrifying makeover

Not everyone finds the sparkly dog cute.

Boston Dynamics has earned a rep for making automation an easy integration in the world of manufacturing.

But when it combines robotics with dance, it starts to look a little creepy.

In a new video released for International Dance Day, the company introduces Sparkles, a robot dog in a sparkly blue costume.

Side by side with its cousin, Spot, the duo kick off a dance around the company's warehouse.

Boston Dynamics said: ‘Spot is meeting another strange dog and making friends through the power of dance. Meet Sparkles.’

Both Spot and Sparkles touch noses before breaking into some pretty smooth dance moves.

If you aren't familiar with Boston's work: 'Spot is a compact, nimble four-legged robot that can trot around your office, home, or outdoors,' according to Robots Guide.

Boston Dynamics
Boston Dynamics

'It can map its environment, sense and avoid obstacles, climb stairs, and open doors. It can also fetch you a drink.'

The robotics company stated: ‘If asked to do something physically impossible, or if faced with an environmental challenge like a slippery floor, Spot will find the possible motion most similar to what was requested and do that instead – analogously to what a human dancer would do.'

Although the video was intended to be humorous and 'explore the intersections of robotics, art and entertainment,' the feedback from the viewers wasn't as expected.

The video is only a week old and people have been flooding social media with their views on the recognisable robot dogs.

'This dancing robot dog won’t give you nightmares at all. Nope,' wrote an X user.

Imaging The Terminator plot coming to life, one user commented: 'Imagine getting chased down by Sparkles when Skynet takes over.'

Boston Dynamics
Boston Dynamics

Whereas another user feels the potential apocalypse might look a lot different, writing: 'The robot apocalypse is gonna be way cuter than we could have imagined'.

Another frightened user replied: 'They put a wig on a killing machine and had it do a little dance. Dystopian future intensifies'.

Meanwhile, other users are seeing the 'cute' side of Sparkles, with one writing: 'Spot and Sparkles, the newest dynamic duo of the dance floor!’

Another user responded: ‘When Spot twirls with Sparkles, it’s a waltz of wonder – our hearts leap, tech sings, as metal meets magic in the dance of dreams, bridging worlds with every whimsical whirl!’

The US engineering company highlighted Spot's creative abilities back in 2022 when it partnered with Hyundai Motor Group. Spot was shown challenging South Korean pop group BTS to a dance-off.

Featured Image Credit: Boston Dynamics