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Pornhub has exposed the most searched for movies and characters of 2023

Pornhub has exposed the most searched for movies and characters of 2023

Some might shock you.

A lot of people love bringing a bit of fantasy into the bedroom, but this is also the case on Pornhub - porn parodies and cosplay are extremely popular.

Whether it’s seeing someone dress up as your superhero crush or a character you fancy from a TV show, Pornhub seems to have it all.

2023 has seen some amazing films released, whether that be the Barbie movie, Oppenheimer or Spider-Man, but how have these pop cultural crazes translated into the porn world?

Pornhub reveals the year's most searched for movie characters.

In its end of year review, Pornhub has revealed the most searched for movies and characters.

This year, Star Wars was the most searched for overall, knocking Harley Quinn off the top spot.

Game of Thrones was in third place, and Avatar, came in at fourth place, despite both of them not even being in the top searches last year.

Female characters were searched more than male ones, with the most popular being Wonder Woman, Black Window, Catwoman, Elastigirl from The Incredibles, and Star Wars' Princess Leia.

Not as popular but also searched for were some of their male counterparts: Batman, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Superman and Captain Marvel.

At the bottom of the pile was John Wick, Guardians of the Galaxy, Jessica Jones and Scarlet Witch.

In a year where we’ve seen so much progress in AI, technology also crept into people’s interests.

One of 2023’s top trending searches was “android”, growing by +1689%, and was often combined with video game searches and roleplay.

Searches for “robot” grew by +304%, with terms like “sex robot.”

In contrast, we know that 2023 also saw a rise in self-care, and this translated into people’s preferences - “therapy” was searched 344% more than last year.

In fact, it was the top trending search in Canada and Australia.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty / Disney Pixar