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Nearly all millionaires have the same reponse when man asks them how they got rich

Nearly all millionaires have the same reponse when man asks them how they got rich

Most of the millionaires started from nothing to their name.

There are so many resources available today on how to achieve wealth all the way from books to in-depth podcasts.

The path isn't a quick scheme either but as a result of perseverance, determination and self-belief.

James Dumoulin, who runs the School of Hard Knocks YouTube channel, is recognised for interviewing millionaires on the streets of the US. He asks them about their journey to success, with the goal of helping others to avoid life's toughest lessons.

Though the guests are always rich millionaires, their pursuits vary from yacht owners to Beverly Hills homeowners and entrepreneurs.

When it comes to making big bucks, many social media users seek advice from people with real-life experience and credibility rather than any randomer on a podcast.

Austin Distel / Unsplash
Austin Distel / Unsplash

Clips from Dumoulin's channel have been spreading on X, one of which highlights a common theme among his interviewees: how did they become wealthy?

Many of the channel's interviews claim to be self-made or have started from only a few dollars to their name, but their path to success wasn't all that different.

These millionaires often own businesses in healthcare, tech, marketing, or real estate, yet all often admit to coming from humble beginnings.

Atlanta-based millionaire Dion Coopwood, who started a software company and became a millionaire aged 37, said: 'You have almost got to be a little crazy, man, you have got to have crazy faith.

'The only thing that works is the work and most people are not willing to be faithful enough to put in as much work that it takes to be successful, so they quit before the work actually ends up working for them.'

Tyler Harris / Unsplash
Tyler Harris / Unsplash

Another millionaire, who accidentally mined Bitcoin in 2013 after starting a software company, came to Utah with nothing but $50 and said getting rich is all about 'execution.'

One well-off man who found financial success in commercial real estate said the most he's made in a single year is $200 million. And it all comes down to having the right attitude, good timing and a little bit of luck.

The 56-year-old said: 'So many naysayers will tell you why you can’t do it.

'[..] Go out there and do your s***.'

Other interviewees reflected on the many years or even decades of struggling and losing money before they made it big.

They spoke about trusting the wrong people and not looking into their own financial situation.

At the end of the day, what you put in is what you get out. Hard work and persistence are key if you hope to make a few million one day.

Featured Image Credit: School of Hard Knocks/ TikTok