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People in shock after seeing McDonald’s prices in advertisement from 1964

People in shock after seeing McDonald’s prices in advertisement from 1964

$1 would have bought you a lot more back then

It's mind-blowing looking at how much things used to cost back in the day.

A post on Reddit has caused quite the trip down memory lane for some, sharing the prices from a 1964 McDonald's menu.

The 'McDonald's Amazing Menu' is shown on a black and white flyer, referring to itself as 'the drive-in with the arches.'

Maccies back then offered basic food menus at astounding prices in comparison to today, with the 'Pure Beef Hamburger' costing 15 cents and a 'Steaming Hot Coffee' at 10 cents.

The fast food chain wasn't shy about creating product names either, with 'Tempting Cheeseburger' valued at 19 cents and the 'Golden French Fries' for only 10 cents.


The 10 cent-drinks selection spoilt customers for choice also, including a 'Thirst-Quenching Coke', 'Delightful Root Beer' and 'Full-Flavor Orange Drink'.

The throwback post has already racked up 2.6k upvotes and over 200 comments after being shared under 24 hours ago.

It's sparking amazement at how you could once get so much for so little and acts as a sobering reminder that barely anything costs under a dollar today.

Some viewers noticed that a $5 bill would cover a meal for your whole family over fifty years ago. Now, $5 is typically the cost for a single food item.

The top comment on the thread revealed today: "19¢ in 1964 is $1.85 today. I'd f***ing kill for a burger that costs less than 2 dollars."

Another user noted the great wording choice of the menu, writing: "Nice choice of adjectives."

Matt Cardy/Getty Images
Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Meanwhile, one Reddit user wondered: "I’m so curious what McDonald’s tasted like in the 60s."

Interestingly, one poked fun at the broken ice cream machine trend, replying: "I bet the shake machine wasn’t broke, too…"

Others pointed out that the 'Steaming Hot Coffee' seems ironic in that Maccies was part of a huge lawsuit in 1992 when an elderly woman spilled coffee on herself resulting in third-degree burns.

It was found that the chain restaurant served coffee at least 20 °F (11 °C) hotter than other establishments that were investigated. Though there was a warning on the coffee cup, the jury decided it was not sufficient.

As a result, Maccies was found to be 80% responsible for the incident whilst the victim was 20% at fault.

In fact, more than 700 reports of people burned by McDonald's coffee caused a total of settled claims from scalding injuries of more than $500,000.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/u/Perc-AngIe / Matt Cardy/Getty Images