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Man travels over 1,000 miles to cook a frozen ready meal on an active volcano

Man travels over 1,000 miles to cook a frozen ready meal on an active volcano

He went to great lengths to prove a point.

People have strange hobbies in this world - from consuming bizarre items to completely incomprehensible journeys.

Max Fosh wanted to prove a point and that he did.

No CGI or staging of any kind - cooking a frozen meal on an actual erupting volcano.

So where did this idea come from, you ask?

Rewinding to 2021, the YouTuber described how much he 'hated spicy food,' - and always being the butt of jokes among his friends because of it.

To do something his friends would never dare, he decided to 'eat the world's hottest curry... technically.'

Not so much on a Scoville scale, but definitely on a heat scale.

Fosh waited for experts in the Philippines, Ethiopia, Italy, Iceland and the Congo to track volcano activity.

In July 2023, after a long couple of years of waiting, Litli-Hrútur in Iceland erupted and it was go-time for Fosh.

But heading to the airport to catch his flight, he didn't forget to pick up a frozen meal from the fittingly-named UK frozen food shop, Iceland.

Upon landing in Reykjavík, Fosh met up with Chris Horsley, a volcano specialist who explained that the lava's temperature was 750 degrees Celsius - 'only three times as hot as an oven', Fosh joked.

At any moment, the crater could collapse with a 'tsunami of lava' that could put everyone in its vicinity in danger.

Fosh strapped on his heat suit which allowed him to get closer to nature's kitchen.

At this point, the YouTuber also realised that the intense heat would melt the curry's plastic packaging and he didn't pack anything else to cook it in. Luckily, his expert friend pulled through and ingeniously crafted a 'frying pan' from an aluminium Monster can.

Artur Debat/Getty
Artur Debat/Getty

The, now, 29 year old placed his chicken-curry-filled can into one of the lava cracks and watched as it cooked.

'It's cooking quite nicely,' he commented. 'And within seconds, it was ready.'

Believe there was 'nothing that could tarnish this achievement,' Fosh then managed to spill half his curry whilst trying to pick it out of the lava.

No worries though as some remained from him to try.

Horsley lent Fosh a foldable set of pliers to dig into his lave-cooked chicken since he didn't bring his own utensils.

'The first ever chicken korma cooked in an active volcano,' Fosh remarked.

Surprised that it was cooked, he described the chicken as 'absolutely delicious.'

'I just cooked an oven meal in an active volcano,' he exclaimed. 'Join the Fosh Pit.'

Although, it's probably wise we don't follow in his footsteps and keep the cooking in the kitchen.

Featured Image Credit: Max Fosh/YouTube / Artur Debat/Getty