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Man leaves people amazed after building ‘dream 80’s video store’ in his basement

Man leaves people amazed after building ‘dream 80’s video store’ in his basement

We're talking neon lights, red doors and tonnes of iconic movie titles.

Retro style is making a comeback.

While many nostalgia-seekers collect childhood video games, buy vinyl, or watch feel-good '80s movies, one person has gone above and beyond.

Sharing on Reddit their slick movie cave, user Snfuboop brought an 80s video store to life, giving Blockbuster a run for its money (if it was still here today).

Several photos of the basement were shown, with the post on Reddit captioned: 'I built my dream ‘80s Video “Store” in my basement over 4 long years for family, friends and creative endeavors. Enjoy! #mondovideo #atl'.


The nostalgia hits you instantly when you see the bright red door, cinema chair, black-and-white checkered floor, neon lighting and shelves and shelves of movies satisfyingly categorised by genre. Cue the synthwave music, please.

Cardboard cutouts and huge posters of iconic movies of the past are plastered on the walls including E.T. and Hellraiser, as well as magazine racks of popular comics.

Not to forget the leather couches facing the cinema viewing screen and the iconic neon 'Adults Only' sign barricaded by red, saloon-style doors.

The user also has random items scattered around to accompany the genres. For example in the 'Fitness' section lies a pink punching bag, exercise bike, yoga mat, yoga ball and dumbbell rack. Whether these are for use or decoration is a question for another time.

Of course, the video rental store wouldn't be complete without a staff backroom. The hideaway back kitchen with ambient blue lighting would make those late-night shifts pass by a little easier.


The user, Snfuboop, definitely impressed the scrolling Redditors with the elaborate setup.

'Damn dude how big is your basement?! But seriously- this is dope,' said one Reddit user shocked by the size and room for a store-size layout in their house.

'It’s like a memory but you can go there,' another fellow appreciator said.

Whilst one envious user remarked: 'How is it that so many people on here have so much more time, money, creativity, passion, and talent than I do??'

Another responded: 'Holy sh*t. This is absolutely magnificent and a the attention to detail is fantastic. I could get lost there checking out each title. There was something so cathartic of going to a video store and browsing the physical copies for something to watch'.

Is it time to recreate and fulfil a retro gamer's dream now?

Featured Image Credit: mondo_video/Instagram