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Elon Musk responds after MrBeast reveals how much money he’s made reposting old videos on X

Elon Musk responds after MrBeast reveals how much money he’s made reposting old videos on X

MrBeast might make the leap from YouTuber to X-er for good.

It may be a surprise to no one that YouTuber MrBeast has found success since taking his content to X.

Currently, with 222 million subscribers, the American is the most subscribed-to person on YouTube, as well as the second-most subscribed YouTube channel overall, behind the T-Series music channel.

His video hits including $456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!, I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive, Ages 1 to 100 Fight For $500,000 got 541 million views, 311 million views and 285 million views, respectively.

MrBeast, who goes by the real name of Jimmy Donaldson, was 'super curious' and so, trialled the Elon Musk-owned platform by reposting his previously successful YouTube content.

On 1 April this year, Donaldson posted on X announcing that he was 'quitting YouTube' leaving his millions of subscribers very confused. Whether this was a response to his huge success on the tweeting platform, or just an April Fool's joke hasn't been confirmed.

Chesnot / Contributor / Getty
Chesnot / Contributor / Getty

On 5 April, the popular YouTuber shared the ad revenue from several videos he reposted on X alongside their thumbnails, stating: 'Posting videos on X has been awesome so far'.

Specifically, the content creator's videos titled Cars, Experiments 2, Dogs, Ages 1-100, and Grocery racked up a total of 177 million, 123 million, 150 million, 162 million, and 141 million views respectively on X.

He also commented on his own post with more information: 'So far it’s been around a million in ad revenue. I’m just adding it to my video budgets so now I can spend more on content lol'.

When tech billionaire Elon Musk came across the 25-year-old's results, he responded in his typically blunt (Musk) manner with a 'Cool'.

Since experimenting with X, MrBeast also highlighted his impressive earnings from re-posting his old YouTube videos.

Steve Granitz / Contributor / Getty
Steve Granitz / Contributor / Getty

One video reportedly earned him $250,000 in ad revenue.

Fans appreciate Donaldson's success on the new social media platform.

One commented: 'It's always good to generate revenue on different platforms'.

Others want him to make the leap to X permanently.

'So happy to have you here Beast. Make an 𝕏 exclusive and watch how many views it gets,' one user said.

Another wrote: '𝕏 has the largest reach compared to any other social media platform.

'You should come to 𝕏 full time.'

Despite the raging success, the American previously claimed that it wouldn't be worth producing new content exclusively for X as content creators only receive a small amount of ad revenue in return.

Featured Image Credit: Chesnot / Contributor / Steve Granitz / Contributor / Getty