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AI predicts what ‘last’ selfies on Earth will look like and it’s terrifying

AI predicts what ‘last’ selfies on Earth will look like and it’s terrifying

You won't be able to unsee these images.

If you weren't already terrified about the apocalypse, you will be after this.

Someone has asked AI to envision the 'last 25 selfies ever taken' - AKA what people might look like the second before the end of the world.

Cheery stuff, right?

The results have been posted on TikTok by @robotoverloards, an account that asks AI to visualize some seriously unusual requests - like what murderers dream about, what the sun exploding might look like, or photos from the next pandemic.

But back to the end of the Earth - @robotoverloards introduces the video with the request: 'Asking an AI to show the last 25 selfies ever taken.'

As you can probably imagine, the results are pretty horrifying.

robotoverloards / TikTok

It shows maniacal-looking people taking selfies, with their faces in various forms of decay - some are just straight up skeletons. Some of the people are wearing helmets, but it doesn't seem to have done much to protect them.

While the figures themselves are creepy, that's nothing on the background. This is the end of the world, after all - and it's suitably apocalyptic.

Some images show asteroids hurtling to the ground, others show the Earth on fire - one even depicts a giant tornado sweeping across the barren landscape.

robotoverloards / TikTok

As you can probably imagine, people are suitably terrified in the comments.

"They rlly be staring in my soul," one wrote, and another added: "It's okay. I didn't want to sleep tonight anyways."

One TikToker really hit the nail on the head: "It looks like a zombie apocalypse."

Some had a few questions - namely, why do some of the selfies look like they were taken above the Earth?

While others obviously found a bit more humor in the darkness. "Looking cute rn might delete later #worstdayever #endoftheworld," one TikToker commented, while another quipped: "That is just an average photo you receive from an Ohio citizen." One even found the whole vibe quite relatable: "Me and my friends Saturday night."

robotoverloards / TikTok

Ultimately, if it was the end of the Earth - and it looked like that - we're not sure we'd be spending out time taking a selfie. We'd probably be more busy trying to run away from the balls of fire racing towards us.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: robotoverloards / TikTok