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Experts make chilling AI predictions for 2024

Experts make chilling AI predictions for 2024

What we might be able to expect from AI this year.

Artificial intelligence (AI) well and truly hit the mainstream in 2023.

It saw generative AI programs like ChatGPT and Google Bard become ever-increasing parts of daily life, but somewhat terrifyingly, humanity is still very much at the beginning of our journey.

So what might this year bring? 2024 is likely to see further expansion of AI, as the next generation of models begin to appear - and experts have already started chiming in with their predictions on what it might look like in 2024.

What might AI have in store this year?


Many experts predict the next gen models will be substantially more powerful than what we're currently using, meaning AI apps will be able to take on even more complex tasks.

As you can probably imagine, that's getting people more than a bit concerned about the old chestnut: robots taking your job.

But experts suggest that might not be the case - although there still could be cause for worry.

Margaret Liliani, vice president of Talent Solutions at UpWork, told “While AI won't replace your job, those who master it might. To remain successful and stay ahead in this increasingly automated world means upskilling and staying adaptive, or you risk falling behind.”


AI will have a big impact on cybersecurity, experts have suggested to - and there are positives and negatives to this.

“The discussion around the safe and responsible use of AI will continue to be a focus and links closely to cybersecurity in 2024," said Zsuzsa Kecsmar, cofounder and chief strategy officer at global loyalty enterprise cloud platform Antavo.

"Data usage and privacy compliance are just two examples of the cross section between AI and security and businesses will need to ensure that they are using the power of AI responsibly so as to not fall foul of breaches.”

ChatGPT is one of the leading AI programs.
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AI is a relatively new phenomenon, and one that's constantly evolving. The problem? Companies and countries are scrambling to catch up and put proper policies in place.

This could come to a head next year - and if you're ahead of the game you could be onto a winner.

Chief revenue officer and head of Grammarly Business, Matt Rosenberg, told "Those who built a coordinated strategy from the start will have a major leg up—while those who failed to align their employees are headed for a costly mess they’ll spend months unraveling."


AI was, until fairly recently, something we just couldn't wrap our heads around. While it's still a pretty daunting beast, many of us have tried out programs like ChatGPT and are familiar with how they work.

Now the wow factor has worn off, in 2024 we're likely going to be a bit more discerning with our approach to AI.

Chief product officer at Crunchbase, Megh Gautam, warned about companies “co-opting” AI - and predicted that this year we'll see a " clearer distinction between authentic AI applications and tech superficially marketed as AI".

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