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Free Xbox consoles are available this week and there’s an easy way to claim yours

Free Xbox consoles are available this week and there’s an easy way to claim yours

This is too good to miss.

This has been a pretty fantastic console generation so far, but there's no escaping the fact that it's expensive to buy into.

Whether you want a PS5, a Nintendo Switch or an Xbox, you're normally looking at shelling out a few hundred bucks or pounds to get your hands on one, unless you find a sweet deal.

Even that would be underselling the bonus that Virgin Media is offering up to UK customers this week, though - the chance to get a totally free Xbox Series S when you sign up for certain plans.

INA FASSBENDER / Contributor / Getty

This nets you the superb little brother to the Xbox Series X, an all-digital console that is absolutely perfect if you have kids who want to play, or don't need the full 4K bells-and-whistles experience.

It's also normally £250, so getting one completely gratis is quite incredible.

There are three broadband and TV bundles that get you an Xbox Series S: the Bigger Combo Bundle + Movies, the Bigger Combo Bundle + Sports and the Mega Volt Bundle.

Their prices range from £65 to £85 a month, so there's no doubt that they're quite premium plans, but you do get extremely quick broadband as well as a bunch of extras to enjoy, along with your Xbox.

This being a broadband deal first and foremost, though, you'll have to check your postcode to see if Virgin can actually supply your address before you can actually check out the deals themselves.

For the last few years many have called the Series S the best deal in gaming - it's had such a low price (often even lower during sales like Prime Day or Black Friday) and offers the exact same library of titles as the more expensive Xbox Series S.

On top of that, if you get an Xbox Game Pass membership for £8 (or $11) a month, you can basically sit back and play through a library of hundreds of games, with new additions all the time, making it possible to save huge amounts of money compared to buying games new.

There are also so many excellent free-to-play games these days, from Fortnite to Call of Duty: Warzone, so this is a one-way ticket to savings.

The all-digital life won't be for everyone, since you can't trade in discs or lend games to friends, but it's still a remarkably impressive package, and it's extremely rare to get such a generous freebie with a broadband package like this.

If you don't fancy the Xbox, there's another option though - you can take a £200 credit that is added to your bill instead.

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