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PlayStation 5 is bringing back a classic PS1 favourite gamers never thought they'd get to play again

PlayStation 5 is bringing back a classic PS1 favourite gamers never thought they'd get to play again

With it, it's bringing a remastered soundtrack and never-seen-before artwork.

Sony is recognising our dying need for retro PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 comebacks.

Whether it's the colourful worlds of the greats like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, the chilling horrors of Silent Hill or the classic first-ever Grand Theft Auto (ah, the days before third-person view), we all had our favourites.

Announcements like these make my life - and probably many others - a lot better.

Not to mention game developers did an amazing job remaking huge titles like Resident Evil 4 and Medieval for the PS4 and PS5.

Whilst this recent remaster announcement may not be one that first springs to mind when recalling PlayStation games that consumed hours of our childhood, it still holds a special place for what it was during its time.

Do you remember Tomba?

(Future Publishing / Contributor via Getty)
(Future Publishing / Contributor via Getty)

Originally released in 1997, Tomba (known as Tombi! in Europe) is a quirky and vibrant platformer developed by Whoopee Camp.

The game centres around a pink-haired wild boy named Tomba who goes on a journey to retrieve his grandfather's stolen bracelet from the Evil Pigs that have cursed his land.

Set in a world filled with puzzles, enemies and hidden treasures, Tomba stood out for its unique style and diverse in-game objectives.

'It’s a platforming adventure that perfectly fuses linear and nonlinear gameplay styles,' the synopsis teased.

'As the titular Tomba, you leap, bite, and throw your way across stunning 2.5D landscapes on a quest to overcome a deplorable cadre of nefarious pigs.'

Players experience different environments, solving several riddles and battling enemies with tools and weapons.

The Tomba! Special Edition is set to launch on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC (via Steam) on 1 August.

This announcement is more than the revival of some old game but releasing our pent-up nostalgia.

(boonchai wedmakawand via Getty)
(boonchai wedmakawand via Getty)

For those who grew up with Tomba, the remaster is now a chance to relive the same moments with updated graphics.

For new players, it's an opportunity to dive into a great platforming title. Signposts are scattered throughout the world allowing players to easily grasp the game's controls and abilities.

Even if you’ve played it before, there’s still a reason to dive back in again.


In this new version, players can save anywhere, rewind, toggle for analogue control and enjoy a remastered soundtrack.

Additionally, they can visit a ‘museum’ filled with original packaging, manuals and never-seen-before artwork.

Pricing and physical editions are set to be revealed in the near future. But, for now, the sheer excitement is an understatement.

Featured Image Credit: boonchai wedmakawand/Future Publishing / Contributor via Getty