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Man creates worlds first portable PS5 tablet and people want to buy it

Man creates worlds first portable PS5 tablet and people want to buy it

YouTuber DIY Perks has gone viral for his incredible video rebuilding a PS5 into a slim handheld console.

If you're the proud owner of a PlayStation 5, you might occasionally wish it was portable.

After all, it's one of the most cutting-edge gaming gadgets you can get - but you have to leave it at home all the time.

YouTuber Matt, who runs the channel DIY Perks with 4.38 million subscribers, has had the same thought - and he's come up with a solution.

That's right, Matt has built what he's calling the world's first PS5 tablet - and he posted the incredible process in a new viral video that's clocked up over a million views in just two days.

Sony hasn't produced a portable console in over 10 years, Matt said in the video - the PlayStation Portal doesn't count, because you need a PS5 console to make it work - but he added: "The thing is, Sony has everything they need to make a proper portable console right now."

So then Matt got down to business and started pulling apart a PS5 to make his portable console.

Due to the PS5's "significant internal redesign", he said, it has a pretty small motherboard - which is good news for making a slim tablet version.

But all the other things inside proved a bit trickier. So much of the console is dedicated to cooling it down, as the PS5 can produce 200 Watts of heat, Matt said.

DIY Perks/ YouTube

So he did various things to optimize the original components of the PS5, making them fit into a slimmer tablet form - including swapping out the heat sink for a smaller version, installing custom heat pipes and even making his own nickel plating (which actually looked easier than we thought it would, TBH).

It took a bit of tinkering - he had to try different types of fans before finding ones that actually worked - as well as adding an extra heat sink on the other side of the motherboard.

So far, so good on the tech side of things - but at that point, the console wasn't particularly pretty.

So Matt fixed this by 3D printing a black and white shell to mimic the design of the actual PS5, and added an aluminum trim.

He also went for the best of everything - a mini subwoofer and two stereo side speakers for incredible sound, and an OMD screen which gives a "much brighter and more vibrant" picture.

DIY Perks/ YouTube

He hooked it up to a small powerpack, and voila - a PS5 you can actually take with you on the go.

"Granted, it is on the chunky side, but do keep in mind there's a full PS5 inside here and when compared to the original console, it's actually quite remarkable how much we've been able to shrink it down," Matt said.

Plus, he shows how you can play it with friends out and about - unlike the solo experiences of most portable consoles.

"Your ability to combine heat transfer, acoustics, metallurgy, 3D printing, and design into one project is absurd. It looks amazing!" one comment read, while another said: "Your builds never cease to amaze with their ingenuity and absolute brilliance."

While Matt is obviously an expert and we wouldn't advise ripping apart your own PS5 unless you know what you're doing, hopefully Sony will see the response to his video and consider bringing a handheld console to the world sometime soon.

Featured Image Credit: DIY Perks/ YouTube