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Man trained using the Wii Fit for 90 days to see how much weight he could lose and the result is surprising

Man trained using the Wii Fit for 90 days to see how much weight he could lose and the result is surprising

The Wii Fit is now retro, which might make you feel old - but is it any good for weight loss?

The Nintendo Wii was an absolute sensation when it was released in 2006 - people queued around the block to pick one up, it was sold out left, right and center, and went on to become one of the best-selling games consoles ever.

Part of its enormous success was how approachable it was, and how it had games that were fun for all the family, with Wii Sports in particular introducing grandparents all over the world to gaming.

At the end of 2007, Nintendo added an all-new peripheral to the Wii universe when it sent Wii Fit out into the world, a fitness programme that came with a scale that had a balance board built into it.

The game lets you complete daily challenges and exercises with the goal of getting fitter or losing weight, and it was unlike almost anything that had hit the market before.

Well, 2007 was over 15 years ago, and not many people will have used Wii Fit recently - except for YouTuber Keelvin.

In 2023, he set out to use the Wii Fit for 30 days (at first) to see if it could help him reduce his weight and get into healthier habits.

Taking Wii Fit's starting tests, he found that he had solid balance, but was just tipping into the Obese portion of its BMI results. He decided to aim for 10 pounds in a month where weight loss was concerned.

Wii Fit started him off with some deep breathing and yoga, before moving over to some of the fun balance games, setting him up for a whole bunch of routine exercise over the next 30 days.

After a few days, Keelvin started to improve his diet, but also found that the Wii Fit's age estimate based on his weight and balance was fairly variable.

Once he got to the end of his 30-day window, the YouTuber decided to actually keep going rather than just stop - he was finding the games to be a useful way to keep active and limber.

The Washington Post / Contributor / Getty
The Washington Post / Contributor / Getty

However, he made a point of explaining that the Wii Fit wasn't a very reliable way to track your weight accurately - suggesting its scale simply wasn't as consistent as a modern one.

That said, he still managed to lose over 20 pounds in the 90 days that he used Wii Fit every day.

And Wii Fit certainly set a trend - if you're looking for something more current, there's always Ring Fit Adventure, the exercise game Nintendo made for the Switch.

Featured Image Credit: Keelvin/YouTube