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Smart Cooking Robot is the latest kitchen appliance that’ll make you forget about your air fryer

Smart Cooking Robot is the latest kitchen appliance that’ll make you forget about your air fryer

It's said to have 35 cooking functions in just one gadget.

You might be addicted to your air fryer, but what if we told you there's a new gadget out there that could be even better.

It's a robot that basically gives you an all-in-one way to cook food - with apparently up to 35 different cooking techniques in its locker.

From stir frying and stewing to kneading, juicing and chopping, this one gadget can do pretty much everything you need.

The new Smart Cooking Robot comes from Chinese tech brand Xiaomi - which you might know predominantly for its smartphones.

It has the potential to replace not just countertop options like your air fryer or kettle, but it also promises to make whole dishes without you needing to do much at all.

Of course, with all those capabilities, it's not a small piece of kit.

It consists of a large countertop unit that houses an eight-inch touchscreen, along with a large cooking compartment and a chunky base station with the power supply.

Inside that cooking compartment, there's a main pot, steamer and mesh basket - which means that the Smart Cooking Robot can actually cook three things at once, all in different ways if required.

That touchscreen is arguably the heart of the matter, though, since it lets you control how the Smart Cooking Robot will approach a given meal, including selecting the ingredients you're using and how you'd like them cooked.

The robot even has the option of using a high-powered motor to cut and grind ingredients like a food processor. Impressively, this motor also has the capacity to rotate extremely slowly, making it perfect both for grinding and serene stirring.

Xiaomis/Mi United States

Xiaomi says that the whole shebang is powered by a CookingloT algorithm it's designed, which can 'intelligently calculate the cooking temperature, time and stirring speed for each dish, converting the culinary experience of chef in real life into an AI cooking curve, which can be continuously upgraded online'.

So, there's the potential for the device to get software updates and new features down the line to make it even better, which is interesting.

Given how much chatter there has been recently about whether air fryers are the answer to all your kitchen needs, or actually a smokescreen that can only be efficient enough if you're cooking small meals, it's always worth looking out for new kitchen options like this one.

However, with all of those smarts built into it, it perhaps shouldn't be a big surprise that the Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot will come with quite a price tag attached - it'll set you back $855, or £899.99.

Featured Image Credit: Xiaomis/Mi United States