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Apple lost the most money in history in a single day in 2020

Apple lost the most money in history in a single day in 2020

The tech company is still worth trillions even after the gigantic loss

Apple is worth trillions of dollars, so it makes sense that losing a few billion might seem like loose change to the company.

Yet, the tech giant had one of the biggest ever losses in 24 hours in 2020.

Apple lost the biggest sum on record.

On 3 September 2020, Apple lost a staggering $180 billion.

According to Barron's, this is the most money that any company in history has lost in one day.

Despite the massive loss that many other businesses would consider catastrophic, Apple's stock was still up 65 percent at market close from January 2020 and up 127 percent from that time last year.

Plus, at the time, it still had a valuation well above $2 trillion so that must have made the loss a little less painful.

In fact, Apple, alongside other dominating companies such as Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, make up a whopping value for the tech stock market, that - in 2020 - was calculated to be $9 trillion. This was more than the entire European stock market.

If looking at shares wasn't enough, one savvy tech user has worked out how rich you'd be if, instead of buying an iPhone whenever a new one was released, you'd just spent the money on Apple stock.

Apple lost $180 billion in 24 hours.

Writing on X, Sumit Behal said he worked out how much your Apple stock would be worth if you'd been buying that instead of an iPhone on the day of each Apple Event.

Spoiler alert, it's a lot of money.

Behal calculated that to buy each model of iPhone at launch would set you back about $17,000, but if you'd put that money into Apple stock you'd be sitting on a stock portfolio worth a massive $367,000,000.

The Apple stock price has increased dramatically ever since the launch of the first iPhone. Before Steve Jobs released the phone in 2007 you could buy stock in Apple for just over $3, but now you'd have to pay more than $170.

Despite the loss, Apple remain worth trillions of dollars.

However, critics argued that if everyone bought Apple stock instead of an iPhone each time, then the stock wouldn't be anywhere near as high as it has ended up today because nobody would be buying iPhones, thus making the whole idea useless.

Then again, if people were spending the same amount on Apple stock as they were on iPhones then the price would probably be pretty darn high.

Featured Image Credit: GIUSEPPE CACACE / Contributor/Yuichiro Chino