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Man puts phone case to the ultimate test by running over his iPhone to see if it breaks

Man puts phone case to the ultimate test by running over his iPhone to see if it breaks

TikToker Tyler Morgan really wanted to see how well this phone case would fare.

Most of us are sensible enough to keep our phones in cases - but how much can they really protect our precious devices?

Loads of companies make bold claims about drop protection or durability, but it's quite rare that we actually get in a situation where they're tested to their limit.

One TikTok creator called Tyler Morgan - who is a former Apple employee with 1.2 million followers - decided to put that right, placing an order for one of accessory brand OtterBox's most rugged cases, the Defender.

He fitted the case to his iPhone and then set about testing it with a few quick drops onto concrete, which didn't do any visible damage.

That was already a pretty good advert for OtterBox's wares, but things got crazier when Morgan placed the phone face-down on the road, with its camera recording video.

He then carefully, and quite slowly, ran over the phone with both his car's tires, to see if it survived.

When the phone first gets picked up it's immediately clear that the camera lenses haven't suffered any damage, thanks to the raised lip of the case around them.

Once Morgan flipped the phone over, though, it looked like all was lost - it seemed like the display had been cracked in multiple places.

He then peeled off the screen protector that came with the case (which he cleverly hadn't mentioned until now) to see how much of the damage had penetrated through to the display itself.


Happily, though, the screen protector turned out to be the only bit damaged - it was cracked and broken, but the screen underneath seemed pristine and untouched, much to Morgan's disbelief.

People in the comments below agree with his shock, too, many of them amazed that the phone managed to survive like it did. One said: "That's actually kinda scary", attracting over 1,000 likes.

Another comment said that this case looked like "a true life-saver for clumsy phone owners". So even though this doesn't seem to have been an official collaboration with OtterBox, it's certainly doing some good marketing for the company.

OtterBox does indeed have a great reputation for durable and rugged phone cases, even if the downside of the Defender is that it adds a whole lot of bulk to your phone, making it harder to slip into your pocket.

It's seems to be aimed at people working in worksites or other environments where damage is hard to avoid - but there are plenty of slimmer options for people who just want to be safe from normal drops, rather than full-blown car accidents.

Featured Image Credit: hitomidfcameraroll/TikTok