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Reddit user branded ‘psycho’ for having unusual collection of random iPhone tool most people throw away

Reddit user branded ‘psycho’ for having unusual collection of random iPhone tool most people throw away

This Redditor is a whole lot more organized than we could ever be.

For years and years, every time you've bought a new iPhone there has been a tiny little metal tool included in the box - a SIM extractor tool.

We've all had them, and we've all found them in the bottom of pen holders, drawers and under sofas over the years, as they lose their usefulness and, more importantly, get lost entirely.

Well, one Reddit user has showcased what they do every time they get a new SIM card extractor, and it's had people reacting violently to their approach.

The user, Nikobii, uploaded a photo of a keyring they use to hoard their little metal tools, all lined up neatly on it, and asked: "Am I the only one collecting these? My friend called me a psycho lol."

There's no way around it, either - almost everyone in the comments has reacted with disdain, most of them talking from experience after losing their own tools.

The top comment in the thread has hundreds of votes vouching for it, and said: "We found the guy who steals our SIM card opening tools."

Another reply was more dismissive, confirming that its author does nothing like this themself: "I just leave them in the packaging."

Others have come in with suggestions like: "Eject then put back in the original packaging… Keep your life simple…"

However, the post's author replied to this to clarify: "Do you have every packaging of every iPhone you’ve owned? I don’t."

Halfdark / Getty
Halfdark / Getty

This is a fair point - while studies have shown that people are drastically more likely to keep hold of iPhone packaging compared to almost any other product in their life, the number of SIM ejectors that this post shows would make for half a cupboard's worth of old iPhone boxes - no one needs that clutter.

So, this might be an unconventional little collection, but it's at least a very small one in terms of bulk. Plus, it'll save the Reddit poster from the classic problem of never being able to find one of these things the one time you actually need it.

Happily, these fiddly little tools probably aren't that long for this world, now, either. Apple's latest generation of iPhones launched without any physical SIM slot in the US - it's converting over to an entirely eSIM system, which doesn't require a card.

This hasn't rolled out globally, but you'd be on safe ground assuming that this is the long-term plan, so in the years to come we might all look back on the days of SIM cards and their little metal ejectors with nostalgia.

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