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Ex-Apple employee reveals what you can expect from Apple in 2024

Ex-Apple employee reveals what you can expect from Apple in 2024

The latest iPhone is just one among the many Apple gadgets set for release in 2024.

New year means new gadgets.

Good news if you're a die-hard Apple fan as the billion-dollar company is set to release over seven brand new launches this year.

An Ex-Apple employee explains in his TikTok video what Apple users can expect to see in 2024.

First up, of course, is the new iPhone launch - the iPhone 16 - and it's bringing back the 'vertical camera stance.'

Apple will launch the new iPhone 16 / @hitomidocameraroll/TikTok
Apple will launch the new iPhone 16 / @hitomidocameraroll/TikTok

The ex-Apple employee explains that the sole reason is to be able to tell the difference between newer and older iPhone models.

However, some viewers argue that the reason for the vertical camera layout is to support spatial video recording with the also-announced iPhone Vision headset.

At a costly estimated price of $3499, the TikTok creator deems this to be the most 'ridiculous' item of them all and may prove harder to get a hold of than the new iPhone release.

On the wearable side, the Apple Watch X is hitting the scene, expected to make waves after the temporary ban on the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 ban.

Although the ban was recently lifted in late December 2023, the legal battle is still ongoing and Apple may have decided to divert their efforts into a brand-new model.

The ex-employee expressed most enjoyment about the release of the Airpods Max Gen 2. Advertised to be noise cancelling, they may be a promising option for those who aren't lovers of the in-ear AirPods.

The Apple Vision headset is estimated to cost around $4000 / @hitomidocameraroll/TikTok
The Apple Vision headset is estimated to cost around $4000 / @hitomidocameraroll/TikTok

The iPad 11th generation is another Apple gadget to keep your eyes peeled for in 2024. This model is set to have faster processing and 'more diluted colours' available.

In addition, the next generation of iPad Pro will boast a thinner and slicker design.

Although M3 Ultra Chips are set to be released this year, in support of the new Apple MacBook Pro, it may be best to hold out as M4 Ultra Chips are also due for launch towards the end of 2024.

The Apple launches have had viewers divided on their most anticipated Apple release.

Some viewers are expressing the most love for the new Apple Air Pods commenting: 'Prob the air pods, can’t wait to have noise cancellation and the iPads'.

Other Apple fans are disappointed with the new iPhone appearances saying: 'The back design on the new iphones just keep getting worse tbh'.

Meanwhile, others are excited for Apple's camera layout comeback: 'I loved the stacked cameras on my iPhone X. I would be drawn to it if they brought it back.'

Which Apple gadget are you most looking forward to in 2024?

Featured Image Credit: @hitomidocameraroll/TikTok