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New Apple Vision Pro feature allows you to join others in virtual space

New Apple Vision Pro feature allows you to join others in virtual space

It makes working-from-home meetings that much more collaborative.

Users of the Apple Vision Pro now don't have to rely on FaceTime for calls as of today, Apple has introduced something called a 'spatial Personas.'

Instead of showing your calls in separate windows that hover over your environment, your friends and family will now feel more integrated into your activities.

It's intended to make users feel like they're right there with you, whether you're playing games, watching a movie, or working on a project together.

Spatial Personas allow Vision Pro users to 'break out of the familiar FaceTime tile and feel more present like they are gathered in the same physical space,' according to Apple.

ANGELA WEISS / Contributor / Getty
ANGELA WEISS / Contributor / Getty

The feature puts callers against a transparent background whilst Apple technology can pick up on their movements more accurately, like hand gestures and body language, making the whole experience feel a lot lifelike.

Users can tweak and move things around their screen without messing up what others are seeing,

Spatial audio can supposedly help you sense where the other person is in the virtual space.

Apple's teaser footage showed two Personas side by side of the user showcasing Freeform.

It brings working-from-home meetings to a whole new level.

To get started with the feature, you need to have at least VisionOS 1.1 installed.

Then, select the 'spatial Persona' option during a FaceTime call - and you're done. Up to five people can join a spatial Persona session at a time.


Ray Wong, a popular tech reviewer, tested out the new feature and shared his experience on X, writing: 'I tried spatial Persona on Apple Vision Pro yesterday. I watched a movie trailer with several other Personas in Apple TV, examined a 3D jet turbine in JigSpace, collaborated on a whiteboard in Freemform, and played Hearts in Game Room.'

He wrote that he was invited by the tech giant to try out a demo of spatial Persona right in his living room with a person from Apple PR and another from the company's product marketing department.

Impressed with the accuracy of tracking people's movements, Wong reported on the technology's capabilities of realism: 'The three of us could sit down or stand up, and just like in real life, our eye levels would match accordingly.

'The addition to visionOS is part of the still-in-beta Persona experience, meaning it’s still a work in progress.

But even with a few connection issues during my demo, it was a glimpse of how Vision Pro could bring people together to watch movies, play games, or collaborate on work,' Wong said.

Featured Image Credit: ANGELA WEISS / Contributor / Getty / Apple