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Pilot explains why there's no need to panic during turbulence and leaves people feeling 'reassured'

Pilot explains why there's no need to panic during turbulence and leaves people feeling 'reassured'

It's food for thought when you’re next on a plane.

Going on holiday is often a relaxing and refreshing experience involving lounging around by the pool, taking a stroll on the beach or watching the sunset.

But before you can kick back and relax, there’s the task of getting to your destination - which for some, can be an anxiety-inducing experience for those travelling on a plane.

Most flyers will have experienced turbulence at one point or another, where the aircraft bounces and shakes as it sails through the air, which can often be quite scary and uncomfortable.

However, one pilot has explained why there’s really no need to panic if you’re hit with some turbulence during your flight, leaving people feeling “reassured”, the Mirror reports.

The pilot, who works for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, took to the TikTok page for the company and suggested why turbulence isn’t a cause for concern or alarm.

In the video, he explains: “Turbulence is caused by changes of the flow of air around the aeroplane.

“As the aeroplane flies, it's encountering different air masses with varying temperatures, with wind speeds and directions.

“These air masses lead to different pockets of densities leading to turbulence.

“When the aeroplane flies through these pockets, it can experience certain bumps and shakes.

“And although it can be uncomfortable, modern planes are designed to withstand it safely.”

A pilot has explained why turbulence is no need to panic.
Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images

He went on to add that pilots and cabin crew are “trained for turbulence to assure everyone’s safety on board”, and reminded passengers that “turbulence is a natural part of flying and it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the plane”.

He concluded: “So, next time you’re on a plane and you encounter turbulence, stay calm and enjoy the rest of your journey.”

And if that wasn’t enough reassurance, an aerospace engineer chimed in, saying: “As an aerospace engineer, I can 100% confirm your plane is incredibly unlikely to be damaged by turbulence. We take into account a lot of safety factors.”

TikTok users expressed feeling “reassured” with the pilot’s detailed explanation.

“Thank you! I'm flying out on Friday - it's reassuring,” one user wrote in the comments.

Another said: “I fly domestically with no problem but I’m glad I saw this before my flight to Germany next month because I’m nervous.”

“They should play this speech when turbulence happens,” a third said, with the account responding that it would be a “good idea”.

However, others were still left a little dubious. “As a passenger, how do you differentiate between turbulence and a plane malfunctioning?! That’s the biggest fear!,” one person said.

“Easier said than done!”, another wrote.

Featured Image Credit: klm/TikTok