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The most 'heinous, evil, diabolical' things you can do on a plane revealed by flight attendant

The most 'heinous, evil, diabolical' things you can do on a plane revealed by flight attendant

These don't make being a flight attendant sound like much fun.

We all know from experience that it doesn't take much to make a long flight much, much more uncomfortable - people always seem to behave their worst when they step into the confined space of an airplane.

Well, if you've ever wondered about a league table of the worst things you can possibly to do make a flight miserable, the answers are all here - a TikTok user called Cher (@cherdallas), who just so happens to be a flight attendant, has detailed all the worst things people do on flights.

She opens up with a simple one - putting bottles of liquid in the overhead lockers. This can be tempting if you've filled up a bottle after going through security, but she says that "every single time, without fail" that water bottle ends up leaking all over the bin.

This doesn't just soak the other bags in the locker, but also generally travels in a stream to trickle out through a crack and "soak one person" underneath, which would absolutely kill your vibe.

Next, Cher talks about people who choose to get their flights even though they're feeling nauseous or sick - this often means that "as soon as we hit altitude they feel so much worse and they're vomiting uncontrollably".

That's a pretty bleak picture - and we have to agree with Cher, knowing you're sick before a flight and still getting on the plane is a very different thing to experiencing motion sickness when you're in the air.

The third and final thing that Cher brings up in her list of evil decisions is going to the bathroom during turbulence, specifically if you're going to pee standing up.

It's a common complaint that people's aim can be sketchy, but if the plane is bumping around a lot that becomes even more challenging, which can often leave the plane's bathrooms covered in pee.

As Cher puts it, this makes these bathrooms' floors without doubt "the most disgusting thing on the plane".

It's a pretty comprehensive trio of objections that she lays out, and people in the comments under the video agree with them all - one person called it "another exquisite rant".

SENEZ / Getty
SENEZ / Getty

Plenty of others are swapping stories of their bad experiences on planes, too, but there's also one common thread of objections.

People are annoyed that if you're sick before a flight, even if you have a doctor's note to prove it, you're not entitled to any refund or rescheduling - which means that you're incentivized to just get the flight anyway, despite potentially knowing it's not ideal for anyone.

That's a problem without a solution right now, but it's led some commenters so say that it "is 100% on the airline. If I lose the entire value of my ticket when I am sick I am going to fly regardless".

Featured Image Credit: cherdallas/TikTok / Asep Bagja Priandana / 500px / Getty