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Everyone is saying the same thing after seeing photo of Cybertruck on the highway next to regular cars

Everyone is saying the same thing after seeing photo of Cybertruck on the highway next to regular cars

Not everyone is quite sold on the futuristic design.

After the first few models were delivered to customers last month, Tesla's Cybertrucks are now officially out in the wild.

And after someone posted a picture of the futuristic pickup on a Texas highway to Facebook, everyone started saying the same thing - and it's not hugely complimentary.

The elusive truck was seen driving on Highway 360 in Austin, Texas, in early December, with Patrick Molina posting a picture on the Facebook group doordash drivers.

But after much anticipation around the release, it seems viewers aren’t hugely impressed, with one comment comparing the truck’s angular design to a dumpster.

Cybertrucks are increasingly being seen out on the road.
Patrick Molina / Facebook

Another unconvinced commenter called it “the ugliest thing with wheels”, while someone else said that the new vehicle looked like “a toy”. Others made comparisons to Doctor Who’s Cybermen due to their cold, metal exterior.

The Cybertruck was first unveiled in 2019 with Tesla claiming that the truck’s 'Armor Glass' windows were virtually unbreakable, but two windows were shattered during a failed demonstration when a metal ball was thrown at them.

After the embarrassing blunder, Musk was able to save face during another attempt in November - which this time didn’t break any windows.

Musk has made his vision behind the look of his new truck clear, saying he was inspired by Blade Runner and 'Wet Nellie', the Lotus Esprit driven by James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me.

The concept Cybertruck was revealed at the Tesla Design Studio in Los Angeles on November 21, 2019 – the exact same month, year and location that the movie Blade Runner was set.

Elon Musk debuted the Cybertruck in 2019.
FREDERIC J. BROWN / Contributor / Getty

The angular trucks have an exterior of stainless steel sheet metal and have been released with three models, the cheapest starting at an estimated $60,990 (£48,200) while the high-end 'Cyberbeast' could set you back around $99,990 (£79,000).

These price estimates have gone up quite a lot since the prices were initially given by Tesla in 2019, where they said the base model would start at $39,900 (£31,500), while the tri-motor, long-range model would be $69,900 (£55,200).

Despite Musk’s sci-fi inspiration, some people are less than impressed with how the new trucks look on the road – but with around two million reservations reportedly made by consumers, it still has legions of fans.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Facebook /Patrick Molina / TikTok/Peterson Automotive Museum