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People have a lot to say after Cybertruck had to be towed after getting stuck on small hill

People have a lot to say after Cybertruck had to be towed after getting stuck on small hill

It's a potentially embarrassing situation for Tesla.

Safe to say billionaire Elon Musk isn't having the best of weeks.

From the recall of 2 million Tesla vehicles to his other company, SpaceX, losing its appeal to receive government funding to expand its internet service Starlink into rural areas of the US, you might think it can't get any worse for Musk.

But then a video featuring Tesla's recently-released Cybertruck went viral on Instagram - and not for particularly positive reasons.

The video, posted by the user @mchambers_22, appears to show the futuristic electric pickup truck being towed up a relatively small snowy hill by a Ford vehicle.

The Cybertruck's wheels are seen to be spinning as it looks to struggle to get traction.

The Instagram user suggested the problem was "traction control issues due to software problems."

Not only that, but the caption detailed that the vehicle was not equipped with pickup points or recovery points, which would make the process of helping the truck easier.

It's potentially embarrassing for Tesla, which has billed the Cybertruck as "built for any planet".

The Cybertruck struggled to get back onto the road.
Instagram / @chambers_22

The vehicle is described on the company's website as "durable and rugged enough to go anywhere".

The viral video even caught the attention of Ford's CEO, Jim Farley, who posted on X: "Just to be clear… this is a Super Duty and NOT advertising. Glad a @Ford owner was there to help."

The Cybertruck vs Ford pickup beef obviously runs deep, as the two companies got into a social media spat as far back as 2019.

This is when Musk posted a video of Cybertruck pulling a Ford F-150, to which a Ford exec replied asking him to send them a Cybertruck so they could do an "apples to apples test".

As you can probably imagine with the recent viral video of the Cybertruck, people had a lot of thoughts they were ready to share.

People had a lot of thoughts about the video.
Instagram / @chambers_22

One person posted an image from the video to Reddit with the caption: "Is the [Ford] F-150 recovery truck included in the Founders edition?"

And others were quick to mention just how hyped - and expensive - the vehicle is.

One joked: "Cybertruck can get stuck off road in 2.6 seconds. Faster than any truck on earth," and another said: "It doesn't at all seem like the type of situation that mandates a tow recovery.

"I'd be really embarrassed if I couldn't make it up that grade with some snow. If I saw this I'd stop payment on my $120k check."

But not everyone was quite so scathing.

"Just finding the limits, a software tweak and it all good," one wrote, and another defended the vehicle: "This RC prototype didn’t have right software for off road conditions."

After all, there's a reason why the Cybertruck has such a long waiting list. According to Tesla, it is "faster than a sports car" - it can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in 2.6 seconds - and has an "ultra-hard stainless steel exoskeleton" paired with "shatter-resistant Armor Glass" - which can apparently resist the impact of a baseball at 70 mph.

UNILAD Tech has reached out to Tesla for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Instagram/mchambers_22