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MrBeast blows up the 'safest car on the planet' with explosive-proof armor

MrBeast blows up the 'safest car on the planet' with explosive-proof armor

The truck claims to have explosive-proof armor - so Mr Beast put that to the test.

MrBeast is no stranger to a big stunt, and he's demonstrated that in a video posted to X (formerly known as Twitter) today.

It's a re-upload of one MrBeast debuted on YouTube last year, and features brief showcases of a wide range of cars, going up in value to demonstrate how luxurious things can really get.

Perhaps the most interesting segment comes early on, though, as MrBeast and his friends put to a supposedly explosion-proof car to the test.

The Rezvani Vengeance is a ridiculously rugged SUV, one aimed at family use in apparently extremely challenging scenarios, and it has a crazy number of features under the hood.

The most attention-grabbing of these is that it's apparently explosion-proof, in case you drive over a land mine or some other hazard (you know, as you do).

MrBeast and pals take that to heart and go ahead by blowing the car up, or trying to - after first detonating a charge under a normal family car for comparison's sake.

Where that first vehicle gets completely destroyed, the Rezvani SUV is way less damaged, with its bullet-proof glass still intact and MrBeast's own-brand Feastables chocolate untouched inside, too.


It's an explosive stunt and is also interesting since it's part of the first full-length video that MrBeast has ever uploaded on X, after publicly doubting whether it was worth it from a revenue point of view.

It looks like Elon Musk has persuaded him to try things out, and MrBeast will be sharing details of his revenue from the video next week.

Protection from explosions isn't the only boast Rezvani makes about the Vengeance, though. The SUV also has pepper-spray nozzles in its wing mirror, electrified handles to stop carjackers, the ability to deploy a smokescreen for cover, and includes gas masks, helmets and body armor inside.

The car even has a built-in electromagnetic pulse (EMP), which can disable electronics - so if you're ever worried about it being stolen, you'll have access to a wild range of countermeasures.

Of course, it doesn't come cheap, since the Vengeance starts at $285,000 and most of those crazy features are additional options that will drive the price right up.

Featured Image Credit: MrBeast/ X

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