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Sony has just dropped two brand new Xperia smartphones

Sony has just dropped two brand new Xperia smartphones

The Xperia 1 VI and Xperia 10 VI are due to be released next month.

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Sony has just unveiled its latest pair of smartphones for 2024, Xperia 1 V1 and Xperia 10 V1. So, if you’re currently thinking about upgrading your handset this summer or are looking to treat yourself to the latest and greatest tech, we’ve got everything you need to know about the two new major releases.

Sony's latest smartphone releases have just been revealed.

We’ve also outlined what makes them different from previous models so you can determine which option or handset is best for you. So, let’s get into it.

The new Xperia 1 VI will cost around £1299.

What are the key features of the Xperia 1 VI?

A follow-up to last year’s Xperia 1 V smartphone, the Xperia 1 VI is available with either 256GB or 512GB of internal storage for approximately £1299, according to Sony. If you want to be one of the first to receive theirs, following its release, you can currently pre-order the new handset for an early June release date.

When it comes to the display, the new Xperia 1 VI’s screen is 6.5 inches and has a 19.5:9 aspect ratio, which makes it a bit narrower when in portrait view, compared to its predecessor's 21:9 screen.

The latest Xperia 1 incarnation has had a number of upgrades.

Speaking of the screen, it can now get 50 per cent brighter than the previous model but it does see a bit of a downgrade in terms of its display. The resolution now measures at 1080 x 2340, compared to the 4K 1644 x 3840 resolution of the Xperia 1 V1.

The camera benefits from a new 7.1 times optical zoom lens, as well as a new telephoto macro mode, if you’re particularly snap happy and on the lookout for impressive image quality.

It has the same 5000mAh battery, which Sony claims will last for two days, as last year’s model and it doesn’t look too dissimilar to the Xperia 1 V1 either.

Whereas the Xperia 10 VI will cost £349.

What are the key features of the Xperia 10 VI?

If you’re on the lookout for a more budget-friendly option, the Xperia 10 VI costs £349 and will be available in three colours – Blue, Black and White – from the middle of June 2024. Pre-orders are also open for this new device.

There have been a number of camera upgrades, as expected, with three new focal lengths for the dual camera. And the processor has also had a boost, with it now utilising a Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 chip, instead of the Snapdragon 695 5G from the previous two generations.

The model is available in three different colours.

It’s also a tiny bit heavier, weighing in at 164g compared to 159g. But you shouldn’t really notice much of a difference.

And if battery life is important to you, Sony also claims that this much more affordable option will have the same two day battery life as the pricier Xperia 1 VI.

The Xperia 1 V1 and Xperia 10 V1 are both available from

Featured Image Credit: Sony