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YouTuber turns entire house into a ‘giant fish tank’ and has to scuba dive to get around

YouTuber turns entire house into a ‘giant fish tank’ and has to scuba dive to get around

This is one way to make your home a little more interesting.

For most of us, coming home to discover that we've left the faucets running would be a potentially huge disaster, but that's why we're not all YouTubers.

In the endless search for content, people will do crazy things, as proved by Matthew Beem, who turned an entire house into a water feature back in mid-2023.

He enlists a team of friends to see if they can fill up an entire (albeit small) house with water, starting in the basement, which quickly starts to get sodden.

As the house fills, Beem even enlists the help of a local fire station to let him use a fire hose to get things really pumping.

Soon, the whole basement is practically full, although the ground floor is still relatively untouched for a while.

It doesn't take long for it to become clear that the house's water is really murky, too, with all the dirt and detritus of a house floating around and making things far from pristine.

It's really cold in the water, according to all of Beem's friends as they float around, and the team heads off to buy some fish to release into the house.

By the time they get back, the ground floor is filling up enough that they can use a kayak and float around.

By this point, they're able to scuba dive around the house, including being able to go down into the basement to check things out down there.

Happily, though, Beem backs away from using real fish to populate the house, since that might not be safe for them - instead, he releases a whole bunch of wind-up fish, which is a nice touch.

People in the comments under the video were suitably amazed at the level of dedication Beem showed to the idea, too, with one person writing: "Bros water bill is gonna be in the millions".

miljko / Getty
miljko / Getty

However, there's also a noticeably less positive side coming out in the thread, with plenty of people viewing the video as wasteful. One person responded: "I don't know why people are appreciating him for the water bills instead of noticing Thow much water is getting WASTED."

Another agreed, and put things even more strongly: "That is unbelievably wasteful and totally childish…"

The final word goes to someone who makes a really good point in their comment, though, writing: "They should make videos when they show how they clean it all up."

But given how outrageous the stunt is, there has also been some speculation that this wasn't actually his real house, and was instead custom-built specifically. One person commented: "from the looks of the flimsy pipes, the poor wiring, the hollowed out doors, and the general unfinished look, I'd guess this is a custom-built home possibly built in his backyard or something, but specifically built for this project to react best".

A really great point that applies to way more than just Beem's video here - after these YouTube stunts, including bigger ones from the likes of MrBeast - is that you have to wonder just how much work goes into tidying everything up.

Featured Image Credit: Matthew Beem/YouTube