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Man uses VR headset to spend 100 days in Grand Theft Auto and becomes ‘his own worst nightmare’

Man uses VR headset to spend 100 days in Grand Theft Auto and becomes ‘his own worst nightmare’

This YouTuber lived in GTA for way too long.

Grand Theft Auto V has become one of the most jaw-droppingly successful entertainment products ever and has sold more than 200 million copies in its roughly 10 years on the market.

The game is a towering success, then, and millions of gamers cannot wait to dive into GTA VI when it arrives in late 2025.

In the meantime, though, GTA V is all people have to enjoy, and one YouTuber proved that the game still has a huge amount to offer up.

Ryan Trahan, who loves an immersive challenge, decided to see how rich he could get over the course of 100 in-game days in GTA V, rigging up a VR headset to get even closer to feeling like he was living in the game.

He started off by trying to only make money legally, and by obeying laws like traffic lights and avoiding violence.

An early visit to a casino gets him a small boost, enough to buy his first garage and a car to go into it, even if it's a bit of a clunker.

From there, he can't wait to make the million-plus dollars he needs to buy the in-game penthouse of his dreams.

This got him into the world of street racing, and he spent a few in-game days building up cash that way, but slow progress had him requiring a new plan.

A car upgrade set him back a little, before he finally jumped into an actual in-game mission, which rapidly involved exactly the sort of illegality that the series is famous for.

Missions in GTA V's online mode, which Trahan was playing, almost invariably get you embroiled in crimes.

In need of a quick cash boost, Trahan then went all in on the violent game modes that make you money more quickly, and swiftly got a heck of a lot closer to being able to afford the virtual condo of his dreams.

boonchai wedmakawand / Getty
boonchai wedmakawand / Getty

After a montage of car crashes, bad behaviour and more, Trahan decided to take part in one of the more carefully scripted heists in the game, which are famously the biggest money-spinners available.

Legality was left by the wayside, an armored car was secured by theft, and a bank was robbed without any regrets, and Trahan had enough money to buy the condo he's been aiming for this whole time.

It's a funny look at the chaos that is Grand Theft Auto Online, a game that has morphed and transformed into a huge online playground - albeit one still full of violence and bad behaviour.

With 25 days left to enjoy his newfound penthouse in-game, Trahan sits back to reflect on his success and more calmly explore the virtual city.

Featured Image Credit: Ryan Trahan/YouTube