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YouTuber buys the 'cheapest Cybertruck in the world' after it's completely totalled

YouTuber buys the 'cheapest Cybertruck in the world' after it's completely totalled

It was completely wrecked.

With their sleek, futuristic look, Cybertrucks are hard to miss when out on the roads.

The latest car to be released from Tesla was dubbed to be indestructible with a supposed bulletproof frame and unbreakable windows.

Despite this, Elon Musk’s new vehicles have had their fair share of problems with windows cracking and trunk malfunctions.

If you want to get your hands on a Cybertruck, it won’t come cheap as the models range from $81,895 all the way up to $101,985.

But one YouTuber has found a hack to buying the ‘world’s cheapest Cybertruck’, by purchasing one that has already been totalled.

Posting a video on his channel BoostedBoiz, Kyle Wade filmed himself buying a model of the car that had been involved in a nasty crash, from a subscriber’s grandfather.

Talking to the camera, Wade said, “you must be some kind of idiot to spend that kind of money on a refrigerator with wheels,” before revealing that an inspector at Tesla had claimed that “he’s never seen [a Cybertruck] hit so hard”.

The YouTuber documented his 18 hour journey from Florida to collect the vehicle.

The Cybertruck was completely totalled in a crash (YouTube/@boostedboiz)
The Cybertruck was completely totalled in a crash (YouTube/@boostedboiz)

He added: “I never planned on getting one of these, I mean they looked pretty cool, I had my opinions about them.

“They're obviously really expensive for what they are but, you know, this is just too cool of an opportunity to pass up boys.”

Loading the wrecked car onto a trailer, Wade made the journey back home where he now has a big job on his hands to get the truck back into working order.

He added: “We have a ton of work to get this thing up and running, you guys following along will see what it takes.

“I have no idea if it's going to be an easy fix like the model X and the S was or if it's going to be a real pain, since these are so new, there's zero parts for them so if we need anything who knows how long I'm going to have to wait from Tesla to get something for it.

The YouTuber now plans to fix the Cybertruck (YouTube/@boostedboiz)
The YouTuber now plans to fix the Cybertruck (YouTube/@boostedboiz)

“It's just going to be a learning curve. End of the day, was it a good decision or not? I don't know.”

Viewers shared their thoughts in the YouTube comment section, with one user writing: “Totalled but the fact that the driver and passengers walked away without any serious injury makes the Cybertruck AMAZING and ONE OF A KIND TANK!”

Another said: “It seems pretty damn epic to me. Future electric car modifications are bound to become more common. You're in the forefront of the field.”

A third joked: “Please please please just turn it into a mobile refrigerator.”

And a fourth had a similar idea, adding: “The fridge-theme idea with magnets. And some creative body "enhancements" like a fake ice-dispenser and a homemade "Back-to-the-Future" stainless steel spoiler-kit.. So many possibilities..”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@boostedboiz